A Baking Feast!

If you came down to the Feast on 2 Octo­ber, you might have noticed some­thing a little dif­fer­ent. Not only were Feast volun­teers resplen­dent in new orange hi-vis vests, but (drum roll please) it was SUNNY! For the first time in what seems like months, the Feast was blessed with good weath­er, which meant we were busier than ever.

Lam­beth Play Asso­ci­ation were back in force, provid­ing tram­po­lin­ing and games for kids (and the occa­sion­al adult…), the music acts was toe-tap­pingly awe­some, and we had two pop up cafes on the go — The Allot­ment Cafe at the Garden­ers Corner and The Makery at Artis­ans. There was free face paint­ing, a food­ie quiz and reg­u­lars Dia­mond Jive put­ting on an ever ener­get­ic per­form­ance at Retro.

So whatʼs next?

Well, with Hal­loween and bon­fire night approach­ing fast, weʼre aim­ing to have some sea­son­al treats lined up to enter­tain and inspire.

Of course, the Feast could never hap­pen without all the amaz­ing volun­teers, stall­hold­ers, acts and per­formers who turn up, month after month to put on what is fast becom­ing one of South Lon­donʼs most excit­ing events.

So, if youʼve got some spare time, enjoy being out­doors and get­ting to know your com­munity, want to run a stall or have a band or act youʼd like to get heard, then we want to hear from you! Email hello@westnorwoodfeast.com for more inform­a­tion.

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