A Big Thank You from FEAST

Well, we have come to the end of anoth­er year of FEASTs. The team behind FEAST would like to thank every­one for com­ing along to the Winter Lights on Sat­urday 7 Decem­ber, it was a fant­ast­ic even­ing.

FEAST is going into sea­son­al hiberna­tion, but will be back in March 2014 for I Love FEAST. The mar­ket will start on Sunday 6 April 2014. Our Tues­day volun­teer open meet­ings at the Rail­way pub, Tulse Hill, will start again on Tues­day 7 Janu­ary 2014, 6.30 — 8pm.

We would like to thank the fol­low­ing people, busi­nesses and organ­isa­tions for mak­ing it a won­der­ful FEAST­ie year:

For sup­port and help with Small Busi­ness Sat­urday and Winter Lights — St. Luke’s Church www.stlukeswestnorwood.org, The Por­tico Gal­lery www.porticogallery.org.uk, Cenci www.cenci.co.uk, A & S Home­care, Flor­al Hall www.floralhalllondon.co.uk, Beam­ish & McGlue www.beamishandmcglue.com, B’s Bal­loons www.bevsballoons, South­side Rehab­il­it­a­tion Asso­ci­ation (SRA) www.sra-ltd.co.uk, Odak www.odak.co.uk, Cre­at­mo­sphere www.creatmosphere.com, Jar­laka Stu­di­os www.jarlarka.com and Barry Welch www.barrywelchphotography.com.

For con­tinu­ing to sup­port FEAST through­out the year — St. Luke’s Church www.stlukeswestnorwood.org, The Por­tico Gal­lery www.porticogallery.org.uk, Flor­al Hall www.floralhalllondon.co.uk, Beam­ish & McGlue www.beamishandmcglue, Big Yel­low Stor­age www.bigyellow.co.uk, Rosebery’s Auc­tion­eers www.roseberys.co.uk, Pro­ject Shine www.projectshine.co.uk, South Lam­beth Play Part­ners, The Old Lib­rary Centre, Friends of West Nor­wood Cemetery, Friends of West Nor­wood Lib­rary, Nor­wood Forum, the Rath­bone Soci­ety, South Lon­don Theatre, Red Watch at West Nor­wood Fire Sta­tion, Children’s Writers and Illus­tra­tions in South Lon­don (CWISL) and Lam­beth Coun­cil. Not for­get­ting all the bril­liant musi­cians, per­formers and choirs who have provided enter­tain­ment and music — The Rock Choir, The Pop Choir, South Lon­don Samba Band, Dia­mond Jive, Bil­lie and her accor­di­on, Steve and the Hats, Joy­ful Singing, Doc­tor D, Matt Allin, Ross Stans­field, The Temp­ted, Nata­sha Kirke, The Bites, Dereck Rose, South East Lon­don Folk Orches­tra, Eales Jazz Trio, Quartz, Ala­nah Duncan, and the mime group from Chats­worth Baptist Church.

Finally, a massive thanks to our amaz­ing team of enthu­si­ast­ic, inspir­a­tion­al, and hard work­ing local volun­teers. FEAST would not work without your help — indeed, West Nor­wood is very lucky to have you.

Wish­ing you all a happy fest­ive break and see you in 2014!

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