Looking forward to my second meeting at The Railway Pub this evening. As my time begins with the Space Makers crew and the West Norwood project I’ve been reflecting a little on what a feast actually means.

Maybe I’m taking it a little too literally, but the responses I’ve had so far when I’ve told people about the project I’m working on is, “that sounds delicious” and “great name – what sort of food is it going to be?”

The West Norwood FEAST will see the creation of a monthly market that is more than the exchange of money – it’s the trade of ideas and the accompanying conversations; other types of currencies that enrich us in ways that cash can’t.

So a feast is a celebration, a plentiful bounty of delectation and enjoyment. You get the point. And what really excites me about this project is that such a simple premise is a platform for all kinds of goings on.

Alongside our four hubs – Food, Arts & Crafts, Retro, and Gardening – we’ll be hosting performances and events to help bring to fruition the possibilities and ideas inspired by people in and around the area.

The West Norwood FEAST will thrive on the relationships built on stuff other money and I’m excited to see where this will take us all.