A Feast!

Look­ing for­ward to my second meet­ing at The Rail­way Pub this even­ing. As my time begins with the Space Makers crew and the West Nor­wood pro­ject I’ve been reflect­ing a little on what a feast actu­ally means.

Maybe I’m tak­ing it a little too lit­er­ally, but the responses I’ve had so far when I’ve told people about the pro­ject I’m work­ing on is, “that sounds deli­cious” and “great name – what sort of food is it going to be?”

The West Nor­wood FEAST will see the cre­ation of a monthly mar­ket that is more than the exchange of money – it’s the trade of ideas and the accom­pa­ny­ing con­ver­sa­tions; other types of cur­ren­cies that enrich us in ways that cash can’t.

So a feast is a cel­eb­ra­tion, a plen­ti­ful bounty of delect­a­tion and enjoy­ment. You get the point. And what really excites me about this pro­ject is that such a simple premise is a plat­form for all kinds of goings on.

Along­side our four hubs – Food, Arts & Crafts, Retro, and Garden­ing – we’ll be host­ing per­form­ances and events to help bring to fruition the pos­sib­il­it­ies and ideas inspired by people in and around the area.

The West Nor­wood FEAST will thrive on the rela­tion­ships built on stuff other money and I’m excited to see where this will take us all.

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