A Harvest FEASTival of Fun Palaces and jumble trails

Harvest FEASTival

Good­ness, is it really that time of year again? Indi­an sum­mers that go on into Octo­ber con­fuse us here.

In keep­ing with tra­di­tion, October’s Feast is all about the redis­tri­bu­tion of food. We have the Norwood Food Bank at the Food Fair in St Luke’s, so please feel free to bring your non per­ish­able dona­tions to them in the com­munity stall by Feast HQ. They are short of cus­tard, UHT milk, tinned meat and fish, rice, instant mash and tinned fruit (ingredi­ents for an inter­est­ing meal there) but have enough pasta, beans and tea for now, thank­ing you.

At around 12.30pm a singing (and pos­sibly dan­cing) har­vest pro­ces­sion will be com­ing from Chats­worth Baptist Church right up the high street to deliv­er their good­ies to the Food Bank. Don’t miss it. And if you do, there’s always Popchoir to catch at 1pm while you are hav­ing your Food Fair lunch. And street dan­cers after that.

Windfalls for the Food Bank?

Do you have a glut of fruit in your garden or allot­ment? You do?!? How ter­ribly for­tu­nate. We at Feast would be most grate­ful for your dona­tions of (prefer­ably worm free) wind­fall apples (and pears and plums) to the Fresh & Green hub along Nor­wood Road. The lovely women there will then sell them and raise money for the Food Bank. Thank­ing you kindly in advance.

Now that EVERYONE who is any­one in West Nor­wood has a Feast bag, we have some more mer­chand­ise com­ing to this month’s Feast. Keep your eyes peeled for (GORGEOUS, omg) tea tow­els and car stick­ers like this one above…and more mer­chand­ise com­ing later in the year.

Other free Feasty fun

Loads of free stuff to do as ever at Feast this month. At Artis­ans there is the usual tea and talk table for those lucky people with a Free­dom Pass, as well as a free hand mas­sage in the morn­ing, cour­tesy of Jen­nie Duck (who is a per­son) (and who has a new com­pli­ment­ary ther­apy busi­ness in the area called West Norwood Therapies).

The lovely people at South Lon­don Play Part­ners will be hav­ing an autum­nal theme to their children’s activ­it­ies this month with a spot of leaf rub­bing on offer — for all those keen young leaf rub­bers out there. And appar­ently there will be a pir­ate called Amy appear­ing at the Food Fair around mid­day… There will be no plank walk­ing but plenty of oo-arring we sus­pect. Thanks to local out­fit Nutty's Children's Parties for sup­ply­ing pir­ates, as well as Danny Nutt him­self in the guise of DJ for Artis­ans in the after­noon.

Fun Palaces

What’s all this cheery sound­ing Fun Palaces stuff about? You don’t know? Well, it’s this. It means there will be plenty of fun for free in West Nor­wood all week­end — and most espe­cially on Feast Sunday. There’s an inter­act­ive sci­ence themed walk­ing trail leav­ing reg­u­larly from Greenz res­taur­ant by Tulse Hill sta­tion (expect con­trolled explo­sions of the mento and cola vari­ety), and there’s print work­shops, open gar­dens, street dance performances…you name it, Fun Palaces have got it covered. For all the latest inform­a­tion click here, or just come along to Feast and you’re sure to catch some­thing hap­pen­ing.

Jumble trails

Jumble sales are sooo last cen­tury, people, jumble trails are the way we roll in West Nor­wood nowadays. On Feast Sunday there will be a total (and this may well be revised by the week­end) of no less than 75 house­holds involved, hanging out their offer­ings in their front gar­dens.

Lambeth Open 2014…and charity auction!

This annu­al art fair is hap­pen­ing all over Lam­beth the week­end of Feast — be sure to pop into the Portico Gallery to see West Norwood’s offer­ing of fabulous art. There will be 40 artists exhib­it­ing there, includ­ing Feast favour­ite Martin Grover, plus David Taylor and his Turn­er­esque can­vasses and lots of beau­ti­ful Chrissy Thirlaway nudes.

Many of the artists have been per­suaded to paint a mini can­vas (6cm x 6cm) which you can bid for in a secret auc­tion. The pro­ceeds of this will go the amaz­ing char­ity SRA on Knight’s Hill who help people with men­tal health prob­lems find full time work (and run a very good copy shop if you ever need any­thing prin­ted…).

The Big Lebowski

What’s this film got to do with Feast, we hear you say (we have ears in all sorts of places). Well, ordin­ar­ily not much. How­ever, not con­tent with a Har­vest FEAST­iv­al, Feast has teamed up with the Por­tico Gal­lery to have its own LebowskiFEAST. Yeah we know, punny right? But if you love a bit of the Bridge in his sem­in­al role, and are par­tial to a White Rus­si­an (whilst sit­ing in your CINEMA SEAT) save Fri­day 10 Octo­ber in your diar­ies, good people of West Nor­wood….

See you at FEAST!