One of our key volunteers – Kirsty Edwards – reflects on some things that make the feast, well, the Feast!

This month’s Feast had a fabulous atmosphere – the sun shining certainly helped. I think other things that seem to be coming together is the mix of stalls and entertainment – there is a real buzz at every Hub.

As a volunteer myself I am blown away by the help people offer – the eager helpers who are smiling for the 6am starts, and still smiling at the 6pm finish. Ideally we would have more people at either end of the day as the more people we have powering the Feast the easier it is for everyone. Check out another one of Emily’s video that she produced to encourage more volunteers – I love it.

If you are reading this and still on the fence, come along to our weekly meetings – they’re from 6.30pm every Tuesday at The Railway which is next to Tulse Hill train station. We’re a friendly bunch and want to meet you. We don’t want to make you do anything that you don’t want to, but obviously we’d like your talented self for as much time as you can spare, especially on Market days. However if you can’t commit regularly, there are always small jobs to do – why not hand flyers outside your local train station for half an hour one morning or evening?

Whilst having a post Feast glass of wine I started to think about some stats from the day and so in no particular order…

• 200 sausage rolls eaten
• 270 metres of bunting used
• 4 Hubs full of happy stallholders
• 1 banjo
• 2 Korean dance
• 1001 neighbours meeting each other for the first time

Everyone can do something…

• Visit our website
• Like our page on Facebook
• Follow us on Twitter @WN_FEAST
• Tell your friends about the West Norwood Feast • Come to the Feasts!