An Easter Sunday Feaster!

Feast is baaaaaaack!

At last! The winter is over, the flowers are bud­ding and Feast has come out of hiberna­tion. Your favour­ite local mar­ket is back on the streets of West Nor­wood for anoth­er year, bring­ing you food, fun and fab­ulous finds.

All the old favour­ites will be there and a whole bunch of new stuff. Check out the Health & Well­being hub in the grounds of the leis­ure centre and wel­come loads of new vendors to Feast, all with stuff to make you healthy and happy!

Feaster egg hunting

It wouldn’t be East­er Sunday without an East­er egg hunt now, would it? So of course we have one. Come along to Feast HQ at the Food Fair in St Luke’s and find out what you have to do. Clue : involves search­ing for East­er bun­nies, eat­ing chocol­ate eggs and per­haps win­ning a MASSIVE chocol­ate some­thing from West Norwood’s very own chocal­ati­er Rococo Chocolates. Kids also allowed to enter.

Sunflowering West Norwood

This is our inten­tion. The West Norwood Bzz Garage are mak­ing the neigh­bour­hood thor­oughly bee friendly and will be teem­ing up with Feast this East­er. The aim is to plant hun­dreds of sun­flowers all across West Nor­wood so that come the sum­mer the whole place will be tee­ter­ing with yel­low nod­ding heads and feast­ing bees.

South Lam­beth Play Part­ners (the guys who bring all that qual­ity play to Feast every month) will sup­ply the seeds, the soil and the plant­ing expert­ise. They only ask you to bring some­thing you’d like to see your sun­flower grow in; a plant pot, old welly, tea cup or even lonely socks, whatever you and your child wish to upcycle… Once pot­ted, take them home and bung them some­where prom­in­ent. Or per­haps do some guer­rilla garden­ing on your way home…

You can also make a felt flower badge (sun­flower if you choose) at Artis­ans’ on Chats­worth Way at 11am and join the lovely Sewcircle’s free work­shop.

and in other news…

There MAY be an elec­tion next month.
Exactly, who knew??

If you are unde­cided or want to ask your local can­did­ate a few ques­tions, come along to the Por­tico Gal­lery on Feast day from 12–2pm to Quiz your MP. All the local can­did­ates for Dul­wich & West Nor­wood will be there and it’s your chance to ques­tion your pro­spect­ive MP on issues that mat­ter to you — on your terms.

This Saturday’s Feast Film Night is a treat for all fans of Mar­ilyn and blokes in frocks. A cock­tail or three will also be on sale and Harriet Eaves will be singing live. All for £4. Gosh.

See you all at Feast!