Sunday 2 October is Harvest Feast!

Lovely autumn is sud­denly upon us — sea­son of mists and mel­low fruit­ful­ness — and we at Feast will be mak­ing the most of it (espe­cially the fruit). We will be squash­ing and bob­bing apples and pears, swap­ping plants and seeds and giv­ing what we can to the Food­bank, for that is what one does at a Har­vest Feast-ival.


The Nor­wood Food­bank will be at the Food Fair in St Luke’s with their volun­teers and bas­kets. There will be a singing parade of church­go­ers bear­ing food dona­tions from Chats­worth Baptist Church up to St Luke’s at 12.30pm. Please, if you can, give gen­er­ously, this is just some of what the Foodbank needs. Note — they have plenty of pasta & tea but would like cus­tard, UHT milk and tooth­paste…

Seed & Plant swap

Do you have too many plants of one type and a whole bunch of autum­nal stuff in your garden going to seed? Bring your har­ves­ted seeds and sur­plus plants to the Fresh n Green hub along Nor­wood Road and swap it for some­thing else! Geni­us!

Juice, pup­pets, pizza & ice cream

Come up to the Fam­ily Well­being hub at the leis­ure centre and bring any apples and pears you might have lying about under your trees (or neigh­bours trees)(or trees you just see passing). The kindly folk at Open Orchard have a manu­al fruit press which you can jam your wind­falls into and hey presto (plus elbow grease) you have juice. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy scrump­ing, there will be plenty of spare fruit. Just drink juice made the old fash­ioned way or bring a ster­il­ised bottle if you want to take it home with you. There will be apple bob­bing and har­vest pup­pet mak­ing too — all for free.

No kid will go hungry at Feast this month — as well as Feast’s £2.50 lunch bags, we have A PIZZA VAN and an ICE CREAM MAN at the leis­ure centre!


Here’s what we got for you. Nuff said.

West Norwood Foto Competition!

If you have a photo of West Nor­wood you are par­tic­u­larly proud of, or you want to take one, now’s your chance to enter it into a pho­to­graphy com­pet­i­tion. We have cat­egor­ies, judges, prizes, THE WORKS. Have a look and enter your pho­tos — the best will be shown on the Feast website and on a digit­al slideshow at the Portico Gallery at December’s Feast.

Knitting West Norwood together

At this Feast you will see some of us knit­ting… this is because Novem­ber Feast’s theme is ‘hands on art’ (basic­ally, mak­ing art with your hands). One of the activ­it­ies is to knit a quilt togeth­er which once made will be raffled for char­ity. Knit a square (or more) about the same size as a CD case (12cm x 12 cm) with any leftover wool you have (we will have wool & needles if you don’t). Ask a volun­teer at Feast if you want to get involved!

See you at Feast!