Baby, it’s cold outside

It’s here — the fest­ive mad­ness has begun. In every shop win­dow gar­ish, tin­sel swathed dis­plays shim­mer in the glow of street lamps work­ing over­time through the longer nights. Every news­pa­per and magazine offers list after list of ‘best buys under £5′, ‘under £10′, ‘under £20’, while Mari­ah Carey does her best RnB yodel, claim­ing that all she wants for Christ­mas is us. Which is clearly a lie — Mari­ah would obvi­ously prefer some­thing mod­est like a pair of crys­tal embossed roller skates or a talk­ing pet kangaroo that knits and lays pop­corn.

How­ever, cyn­icism and weird images aside, early Decem­ber will see the start of a truly FEAST­ive sea­son. With our Winter Lights extra­vag­anza on Sat­urday 1st Decem­ber and a spec­tac­u­lar Christ­mas FEAST on Sunday 2nd Decem­ber, we’re aim­ing to have West Nor­wood brim­ming with sea­son­al good­will and fest­ive cheer by the end of the week­end.

It’ll be hard not to have a smile on your face as you walk down the high street next month — deli­cious treats on sale at Black­bird Bakery, Christ­mas trees and wreaths avail­able at Flor­al Hall, sea­son­al cheese and char­cu­ter­ie at Beam­ish & McGlue, plus some of the most cre­at­ive win­dow dress­ing this side of SE27. Most import­antly how­ever, will be the Christ­mas tree, situ­ated on the traffic island below St Luke’s Church. Donated by Sally Nash from Flor­al Hall, paid for by Nor­wood Action Group, Nor­wood Forum and FEAST, this tree will be a sym­bol of the way in which West Nor­wood oper­ates — as a unit, as a sup­port­ive group, as a com­munity.

So, while you tut and raise your eyes at the over-the-top-ness of it all, remem­ber that in a small corner of town, some­where between Dul­wich, Tulse Hill, Crys­tal Palace and Streath­am, a small band of loc­als are work­ing, elf-like, to make this the most genu­ine, heart­felt and fun Christ­mas there ever was. And that’s really down to you, the West Nor­wood com­munity. Thanks for mak­ing this pos­sible.

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