Bitesize Feast

Looks like we are getting the tail end of Hurricane Maria and Lee whistling through West Norwood on Sunday so rather than all be blown about like Mary Poppins, we have decided to scale back Feast for October and hunker down all cosy in the welcoming belly of The Portico Gallery and Retro Village at Rosebery’s for BITESIZE Feast!!

Fresh n Green, Artisans, Food Fair and Family Wellbeing hubs will all be closed as we didn’t want gazebos flying round people’s heads…

Feast on our History

We are celebrating Black History Month with a bunch of events at the Portico Gallery. There will be two talks by a doctor of Black History, plus spoken word performances by the talented Errol McGlashan (AKA Uncle Errol, the MC at Wingit) and poetry readings by the PoetrySlabs team.

And if you feel you can, please give a donation to the Caribbean hurricane relief fund.  Unicef or the Red Cross are both running appeals.

Children’s actives

The lovely South Lambeth Play Partners & Maths Explorers won’t be on the hill in the lashing wind and rain, but in the warm and cosy shop front of the Portico Gallery on Knights Hill. Bring the kids down to make African print collages and play dough food. Bunting and Pops (those ladies with the crazy popsicle cakes) will be there too and there will be lots of cups of tea, coffee and cake for all.

Curious Art Trail

Last day to see (and buy) is this Saturday! Pick up a guide in any of the venues around West Norwood and take the trail.

See you at Bitesize!