The next FEAST is on Sunday 7 April 2013.

But to keep the FEAST spirit alive till then, shop West Norwood! Do you know what Christmas
food and supplies Norwood Road has to offer? Try these (working along the street south to north).

Blackbird Bakery for bread and cakes
Baron – probably London’s only Polish-Brazilian deli
Floral Hall for flowers, plants and decorations. Plus – new! – artisan knitwear (bet you didn’t
know that)
Lynn’s fruit and veg stall beside the Coop. Taking orders for collection on 23 or 24 December
Lusomassa for Portuguese foods
Whittakers – everyone’s favourite fishmonger, taking orders for Christmas from amazing list
Szuflada Polish deli (corner of York Hill/ Norwood Rd) – sausage, sauerkraut, preserves
Afghan Food Stores (next door to Szuflada) for spices, Caribbean ingredients, fruit and veg
Last but not least Beamish and McGlue for their deli cheeses, charcuterie, cakes, organic
fruit and veg and products, and much more. They also deliver.

By now you will be peckish and you will probably have bumped into someone you know. So for
refreshment try (now working north to south)

Electric café (corner Norwood and Harpenden Roads) for full English breakfast
Szuflada for Polish pancakes and doughnuts
Beamish and McGlue for their cakes and Volcano coffee. Maybe mulled wine too.
Kavhah for coffees, croissants, cakes and lunches
Girasol, West Norwood’s favourite business 2012, for Portuguese pastries, cappuccinos and
Blackbird Bakery for coffee and cakes

Add your favourites to the list!