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Sports Feast on Sunday 2 July!

Put your trainers on this Sunday because we have SO MUCH sporting activity planned! Which obviously means you can feast just that little bit extra because you will be working it all off…

Sports Day for kids!

There literally will be fun and games up at the kids picnic and play area! Egg and spoon type races throughout the day and at midday Moving Matters and Nutty’s Drama and Sports holiday camp doing activities to promote their summer camp!

The Better team from the leisure centre will be doing circuits, boxing, spinning and rowing – AND they will be offering FREE DAY PASSES as prizes for winning challengers!

Feast festival entertainments

Feast’s open mic performance space for young people has a really special line up this month. Be sure to catch some tiny weeny ballerinas from Rose Arts, an inspirational talk by 12 year old Inspiring Vanessa and the Royal Society for Blind Children‘s Youth Choir performing at 14.20.

PoetrySlabs are doing readings about bicycles in Bon Velo – who are offering a free pastry to anyone who buys a strengthy Volcano coffee in their shop (get there early, once the cakes are gone, they are gone!)

Local sporting promos!

Those of you who watch our Facebook feed will have seen a plethora of offers from all the local businesses who have any link to sport, health and activity. Here’s just a selection.

The Portico Gallery are offering a Feast day of free yoga.

These guys great guys from FitFunActive will be at the Family Wellbeing hub all day doing energetic kinds of workout things – please feel free to join in (and join up, they have a 45% DISCOUNT for those who sign up to personal training via this link!)

The Netball Club are offering a 10% discount for those who sign up and mention Feast…

West Norwood has its own dive school (who knew?) (we did!)

Purple Turtle Diving are offering 25% off to the first 20 people to book onto a Discover Scuba Dive! Vouchers can be bought as presents and will be valid for 6 months. (When booking please use code FEASTDSD25)

After all that sport, some of us might need a massage… West Norwood Therapies have a raffle on, look out for the ladies with the balloons!

Get walking!

In addition to Feast there are two other events happening this Sunday! We have L’Arche’s Summer Fair at the Gothic Lodge gardens (just a short walk from the Artisans Hub on Chatsworth Way)

And we have another wonderful West Norwood Jumbletrail! You’ll have to walk around ALL of West Norwood to check out everyone’s yards…and then come back to Feast for some R&R (and food).

At the time of writing, this year’s Jumbletrail has 114 participants, if you want to take part you have until midnight to be included on the posters…

The Hainthorpe Tenants and Residents association are also having a tabletop sale – this will on the path right near the picnic and play area so be sure to check it out.

WeNo blog

A couple of Feast volunteers work together to bring out a monthly blog featuring one of West Norwood’s businesses. This month it’s the children’s clothing and uniform shop’s turn in the spotlight. Read here all about in An Insider’s Guide to…Wear Abouts!

Food Week

Assuming you are reading this in the week, we still have two Station to Station Food Week events left, the community BBQ at the Portico Gallery on Friday evening and afternoon tea at Frangipani on Saturday.

And finally…

If you really wanted to see Feast Film Night’s screening of Dazed and Confused at the Book and Record Bar last month but couldn’t – don’t worry, it was postponed! It is now on at exactly the right time – the last day of term! This being Friday 21 July…

See you all at Feast!

History Feast this Sunday 4 September!

West Norwood has history, find out at Feast!

This Sunday 4 September we are celebrating our neighbourhood’s rich history – whilst eating well and enjoying ourselves at Feast, obviously…

All our usual traders will be there – and remember, at the leisure centre’s Family Wellbeing hub, all food traders have a dish that is £5 or less, many have child-sized portions and there are always Feast made kids lunch bags for £2.50.

News Alert! Retro will be held in the Portico Gallery across the road this Feast – Rosebery’s Auction House need their car park…

War poems & recipes

The friends of West Norwood cemetery and PoetrySlabs are collaborating on Feast day with a history and poetry tour to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme.

We have another pop up event at the Community Shop on Vale Street this Feast. The kitchens will be cooking up wartime recipes and using locally grown produce (you’re welcome to bring your own if you have any) – which you can then eat, for FREE!

Traditional lullabies, old photos, history quiz – and lots of music!

Take your tinies to the library at 2.30pm to meet Musical Bumps for some singing and bashing of instruments to old fashioned nursery rhymes.

If you have no tinies, how about doing a West Norwood history quiz? There will be copies of it at the various Feast hubs, just ask a volunteer. The prize is a lovely West Norwood Feast bag!

St Luke’s also has an exhibition of old photos of West Norwood if you’d like a browse…

Look out for one of these snazzy entertainments leaflets at any of the Feast hubs, otherwise memorise NOW. Too much too miss otherwise…

West Norwood Photography Competition!

Feast volunteers are launching a fab photography competition for anyone who has, or wants to take, photos of West Norwood. We will collect in the submissions and have a panel of illustrious judges who will choose the winners before December’s Feast. Here are the details, now get clicking!

See you at Feast!

Sunday 2 October is Harvest Feast!

Lovely autumn is suddenly upon us – season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – and we at Feast will be making the most of it (especially the fruit). We will be squashing and bobbing apples and pears, swapping plants and seeds and giving what we can to the Foodbank, for that is what one does at a Harvest Feast-ival.


The Norwood Foodbank will be at the Food Fair in St Luke’s with their volunteers and baskets. There will be a singing parade of churchgoers bearing food donations from Chatsworth Baptist Church up to St Luke’s at 12.30pm. Please, if you can, give generously, this is just some of what the Foodbank needs. Note – they have plenty of pasta & tea but would like custard, UHT milk and toothpaste…

Seed & Plant swap

Do you have too many plants of one type and a whole bunch of autumnal stuff in your garden going to seed? Bring your harvested seeds and surplus plants to the Fresh n Green hub along Norwood Road and swap it for something else! Genius!

Juice, puppets, pizza & ice cream

Come up to the Family Wellbeing hub at the leisure centre and bring any apples and pears you might have lying about under your trees (or neighbours trees)(or trees you just see passing). The kindly folk at Open Orchard have a manual fruit press which you can jam your windfalls into and hey presto (plus elbow grease) you have juice. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy scrumping, there will be plenty of spare fruit. Just drink juice made the old fashioned way or bring a sterilised bottle if you want to take it home with you. There will be apple bobbing and harvest puppet making too – all for free.

No kid will go hungry at Feast this month – as well as Feast’s £2.50 lunch bags, we have A PIZZA VAN and an ICE CREAM MAN at the leisure centre!


Here’s what we got for you. Nuff said.

West Norwood Foto Competition!

If you have a photo of West Norwood you are particularly proud of, or you want to take one, now’s your chance to enter it into a photography competition. We have categories, judges, prizes, THE WORKS. Have a look and enter your photos – the best will be shown on the Feast website and on a digital slideshow at the Portico Gallery at December’s Feast.

Knitting West Norwood together

At this Feast you will see some of us knitting… this is because November Feast’s theme is ‘hands on art’ (basically, making art with your hands). One of the activities is to knit a quilt together which once made will be raffled for charity. Knit a square (or more) about the same size as a CD case (12cm x 12 cm) with any leftover wool you have (we will have wool & needles if you don’t). Ask a volunteer at Feast if you want to get involved!

See you at Feast!