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West Norwood Foto — the winning photographs!

Our thanks to all contributors

Thank you to every­one who sent in entries to West Nor­wood Foto. One hun­dred and thirty eight pho­to­graphs were sub­mit­ted. And some more have just arrived! Our judges viewed the online gal­lery to make their decisions based on rela­tion­ship to theme and com­pos­i­tion. Age wasn’t taken into account and some of our winners/special men­tions are under 16. The young­est entrant was 7 years old.

After care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion, our judges have made the fol­low­ing selec­tions;

Category: Street Scenes

Cat­egory Win­ner and Over­all Win­ner

Catri­ona Gil­christ, Dog out­side Lad­brokes


An inter­est­ing and mel­an­chol­ic photo, with almost sur­real ele­ments to it. It also makes a social commentary.It touches upon the concept of street pho­to­graphy, which is see­ing, and put­ting togeth­er ele­ments as dis­par­ate as a dog, a broken pole, and a gambling den to cre­ate a visu­al mes­sage to goes out to the view­er and offers itself to mul­tiple inter­pret­a­tions”

- Street Scenes cat­egory judge, Pierre Alozie.

A clas­sic doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­graph in the sense that it cap­tures some­thing both fleet­ing (dog­gie) and unmov­ing (archi­tec­ture).  It also allows the view­er to pon­der on the folly of gambling!”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Street Scenes: Run­ner Up

Ciaran Brad­bury-Hickey 


It is the dynam­ic com­pos­i­tion of this pho­to­graph that attrac­ted me to it. It seems to embody the essen­tial com­pon­ents of street pho­to­graphy (spon­taneity, com­pos­i­tion and wit among oth­ers), and best inter­preted the street theme of the com­pet­i­tion.”

- Street Scenes cat­egory judge, Pierre Alozie.

Spe­cial Men­tion

Janet Haney for mobility scooters and John Nott for St Lukes Church. Janet’s photo is full of humour and could have been second, and John’s photo is tech­nic­ally sound, although it is the kind of pho­to­graph seen in many pho­to­graphy magazines.

Category: Community

It was a very dif­fi­cult bal­ance between choos­ing a great look­ing photo and one that really said com­munity — some of the images that were visu­ally strong didn’t really say com­munity to me. Also, as it is com­munity there were often pic­tures with lots of people and lots going on in them, which some­times made for an images with no obvi­ous focal point. There were some strong images though and it was a hard choice”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.


Jenny Ochera, Tug of War


It was a very tough choice but I kept com­ing back to this image. I love the fact that it is a prop­er com­munity effort — lit­er­ally every­one pulling togeth­er. A great inter­pret­a­tion of the theme. I love the strong diag­on­al which means that the image works des­pite the num­ber of people in it as the eye is guided through it. This, com­bined with the people’s pos­i­tions which show the effort they are put­ting into pulling, also adds dynam­ism and excite­ment. While the strong sun­light does in some ways make the image less “per­fect” I find the tex­ture of the road, the strong shad­ows, the purple lens flare and the burnt out sky all make for a visu­ally com­pel­ling image. Over­all, I felt this image had a bal­ance of say­ing the most about com­munity while also being very visu­ally inter­est­ing”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.

Com­munity: Run­ner Up

John D Haney, Cemetery Tour


Them­at­ic­ally I really like the idea that the Friends of West Nor­wood Cemetery are keep­ing the dead involved and part of the com­munity by their events. Visu­ally, I love the pose of the speak­er and the com­pos­i­tion of the thin band of people sur­roun­ded by the green­ery.”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.



Category: Fantastic and Strange


Seb Hilditch, Angel of Nor­wood


The Black & White takes out real­ist­ic greens of lichen, blues of sky and greys of stone mak­ing the pho­to­graph become more of an ima­gined pic­ture and less of a doc­u­ment­ary shot.  The com­pos­i­tion is poised and gives the impres­sion of a grace­ful por­trait of a real woman dressed up as an angel not unlike an old Vic­tori­an pho­to­graph by for instance Julia Mar­garet Camer­on”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Fant­ast­ic & Strange: Run­ner up

Kes Young, child and plant 


This pic­ture bravely places an unusu­ally slight moment at the centre of the pic­ture there by tak­ing the viewer’s atten­tion to a sight eas­ily over­looked.  A child’s encounter with spiky plants sug­gests a schism between the intern­al place sug­ges­ted by their expres­sion and a spec­tac­u­lar plant per­haps not nat­ive to West Nor­wood.”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Spe­cial men­tion

Fred­die Witchell for a com­pel­ling por­trait of a stone face.  The effect drew the judges atten­tion for a long time.  For his next pic­tures, Her­mi­one would recom­mend work­ing on com­pos­i­tion.

Feast volunteers’ vote!

This went to Hetty Lalleman’s charm­ing photo A Tight Knit. The photo was taken at Feast on the Tea & Talk Table, a space where people can sit and have a free cup of tea and a chat. It embod­ies all that is lovely about Feast!


Our thanks to our local business sponsors for providing the prizes




Knitting West Norwood together!

Can you knit? Would you like to teach someone to knit — or learn how?


Come to our ‘hands on art’ themed Novem­ber Feast on Sunday 6 Novem­ber and help us knit a quilt to raise money for a local organ­isa­tion South London Refugee Association ; a won­der­ful char­ity work­ing on the front line with refugees in our neigh­bour­hood.


We need squares roughly the size of a CD case (12cm x 12cm) — these can be knit­ted at Feast or in your own time, and be as many and as var­ied as you like! We will stitch them all togeth­er when we have enough to make the quilt — and then raffle it. Drop off your squares at Feast or on the Feast desk at the Por­tico Gal­lery.


Any ques­tions? Just email!

Feast Community Hub pop up Sunday 3 July!

The Community Shop behind the recyc­ling centre on Vale Street is host­ing a pop up event with Feast, the Library of Things, Bzz Garage & Open Orchard!

The folk from the Com­munity Shop will be using their sur­plus food to cre­ate bur­gers and hot dogs to which you can add your own top­pings — all for just £1.50!

large community shop logo

11830181_10155813882415335_2110041574_nThe Lib­rary of Things is hav­ing its soft launch on Feast Sunday and will be open on the Com­munity Shop site for you to bor­row any­thing from a garden strimmer, wetsuit or circular saw to a whole fleet of hi viz jackets.

Bzz Gar­age & Lib­rary of Things will be run­ning sign mak­ing work­shops all day so that every­one in West Nor­wood will know what free food there is grow­ing all around us. They’ll have herb tea (mint, cam­o­mile, sage, rose­mary and more) fresh from the Bzz Gar­age!
Open Orch­ard & Incred­ible Edible Lam­beth will have a giant map of Lam­beth with inform­a­tion about what they’re doing in Gipsy Hill  -kids can col­our in paper fruit and adults can share their stor­ies about fruit, recipes, know­ledge of fruit trees and memor­ies.

Come along, it will be a great day for the whole fam­ily!

LoT purpleOpen Orchard Logo.001BzzGarageLogo-wide