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Sports Feast on Sunday 2 July!

Put your train­ers on this Sunday because we have SO MUCH sport­ing activ­ity planned! Which obvi­ously means you can feast just that little bit extra because you will be work­ing it all off…

Sports Day for kids!

There lit­er­ally will be fun and games up at the kids pic­nic and play area! Egg and spoon type races through­out the day and at mid­day Moving Matters and Nutty’s Drama and Sports hol­i­day camp doing activ­it­ies to pro­mote their sum­mer camp!

The Bet­ter team from the leis­ure centre will be doing cir­cuits, box­ing, spin­ning and row­ing — AND they will be offer­ing FREE DAY PASSES as prizes for win­ning chal­lengers!

Feast festival entertainments

Feast’s open mic per­form­ance space for young people has a really spe­cial line up this month. Be sure to catch some tiny weeny baller­inas from Rose Arts, an inspir­a­tion­al talk by 12 year old Inspiring Vanessa and the Royal Society for Blind Children’s Youth Choir per­form­ing at 14.20.

PoetrySlabs are doing read­ings about bicycles in Bon Velo — who are offer­ing a free pastry to any­one who buys a strengthy Vol­cano cof­fee in their shop (get there early, once the cakes are gone, they are gone!)

Local sporting promos!

Those of you who watch our Facebook feed will have seen a pleth­ora of offers from all the local busi­nesses who have any link to sport, health and activ­ity. Here’s just a selec­tion.

The Por­tico Gal­lery are offer­ing a Feast day of free yoga.

These guys great guys from FitFunActive will be at the Fam­ily Well­being hub all day doing ener­get­ic kinds of workout things — please feel free to join in (and join up, they have a 45% DISCOUNT for those who sign up to per­son­al train­ing via this link!)

The Netball Club are offer­ing a 10% dis­count for those who sign up and men­tion Feast…

West Nor­wood has its own dive school (who knew?) (we did!)

Purple Turtle Diving are offer­ing 25% off to the first 20 people to book onto a Dis­cov­er Scuba Dive! Vouch­ers can be bought as presents and will be valid for 6 months. (When book­ing please use code FEASTDSD25)

After all that sport, some of us might need a mas­sage… West Norwood Therapies have a raffle on, look out for the ladies with the bal­loons!

Get walk­ing!

In addi­tion to Feast there are two other events hap­pen­ing this Sunday! We have L’Arche’s Sum­mer Fair at the Goth­ic Lodge gar­dens (just a short walk from the Artis­ans Hub on Chats­worth Way)

And we have anoth­er won­der­ful West Nor­wood Jumbletrail! You’ll have to walk around ALL of West Nor­wood to check out everyone’s yards…and then come back to Feast for some R&R (and food).

At the time of writ­ing, this year’s Jumb­le­trail has 114 par­ti­cipants, if you want to take part you have until mid­night to be included on the posters…

The Hainthorpe Ten­ants and Res­id­ents asso­ci­ation are also hav­ing a tab­letop sale — this will on the path right near the pic­nic and play area so be sure to check it out.

WeNo blog

A couple of Feast volun­teers work togeth­er to bring out a monthly blog fea­tur­ing one of West Norwood’s busi­nesses. This month it’s the children’s cloth­ing and uni­form shop’s turn in the spot­light. Read here all about in An Insider's Guide to...Wear Abouts!

Food Week

Assum­ing you are read­ing this in the week, we still have two Sta­tion to Sta­tion Food Week events left, the com­munity BBQ at the Por­tico Gal­lery on Fri­day even­ing and afternoon tea at Frangipani on Sat­urday.

And finally…

If you really wanted to see Feast Film Night's screening of Dazed and Confused at the Book and Record Bar last month but couldn’t — don’t worry, it was post­poned! It is now on at exactly the right time — the last day of term! This being Fri­day 21 July…

See you all at Feast!

Volunteer for West Norwood!

Feast is volunteer powered and it wouldn’t happen without you!

Volunteer for Feast

Feast has lots of friendly lovely people who volun­teer on Feast days and behind the scenes — but we always ALWAYS could do with more of you! We need:

  • hub lead­ers (who help run the dif­fer­ent mar­ket spaces)
  • enter­tain­ment coordin­at­ors to help with Wingit, our new open mic per­form­ance space for young people (see poster below)*
  • tech­nic­al people (to help set up the music equip­ment and to run the web­site)
  • cre­at­ive, com­munity minded people to cur­ate the monthly themed Feast’s — we like to involve as many other local organ­isa­tions as pos­sible!

If you want to volun­teer for Feast, drop us a line or a tweet @wn_feast.

Feast Film Nights

Just like Feast, this is a volun­teer-led group so feel free to get in touch if you have sug­ges­tions for future screen­ings or would like to volun­teer!

We’d love you to volun­teer for at least one of these! If you can’t, don’t worry, just come along and sup­port all the great things hap­pen­ing in your lovely West Nor­wood.…