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Feast is back! Sunday 2 April!

Spring has sprung and Feast is back!

The sap is rising and the sun is out – and there will be 100 multicoloured stalls all over West Norwood this Sunday! We have a cornucopia of upcycled pre loved furniture and retro kitchenalia, cushions and throws, buttons and bows – and food from virtually every cuisine on earth!

It’s a Garden Feast!

This is the time of year when you re pot your window ledges and dig up your gardens. We have plenty of free gardening activities for you and the kids to do up at the Family Wellbeing picnic & play area – decorate your own compostable flower pot (and plant it with sunflower seeds or cress) and get your hands earthy making seed bombs.

There’ll even be a gardening expert on hand to advise on planting schemes, spring cleaning your garden and what to do with your ailing plants.

And kids can get creative and make flowers out of paper plates, just like this, at Artisan’s on Chatsworth Way!

West Norwood’s Got Talent!

(aka WiNGiT)

Launching at Feast for 2017, a new open mic space for young people! Be sure to come along from 1pm -3pm, and if your young ones fancy themselves as the latest thing, tell them to get up and show us all! No need to book a space, just turn up on the day.

Feast : Entertaining while you shop & eat

Another splendid line up, we think you’ll agree?

Feast Film Nights

We’re loving the West Norwood Free Film Festival – massive thanks to all the fabulous volunteers who put that on for everyone. To keep in with Feast’s Garden theme, April’s Feast Film Night (the monthly incarnation of the festival) is the wonderful Little Shop of Horrors on Sat 29 April at the Book & Record Bar.

See you all at Feast!

Sunday 7 May – Children’s Feast!

We have all the usual stuff happening – you know, great food, great music, great hanging out opportunities, great weather – all that. But as you wander around the one hundred plus stalls, you may notice a preponderance of bears…

“If you go down in the hood today (eh hem, Sunday), you’d better go in disguise…”

Bring your teddies and come to the Picnic & Play area by the leisure centre. There will be rugs and tea sets a plenty, a bear hunt (!) and you can even make your teddy a lovely outfit whilst you’re there.

We also have Wingit, our open mic session in the afternoon for our young and aspiring local talent – hosted by the incomparable Uncle Errol from Word on the Kerb.


There’s also entertaining stuff for the grown ups – here it is.

If you love a bit of Stevie Smith, bring your favourite poem of hers along to PoetrySlabs at the West Norwood Old Library on Feast day – and read it in good company.

WeNo Insider’s Guide blog

Here’s the latest wonderful blog post about those businesses in West Norwood that you maybe didn’t know were there…or did and have never been in….or know and love and wish more people knew about them!

This one is about Hobby’s, a veritable treasure trove of little things to make and do.

May’s Feast Film Nights

This month’s fabulous offering from the volunteer team at Feast Film Nights is Pan’s Labyrinth “One of the greatest of all fantasy films” – Roger Ebert. You can watch this on Friday 26 May at the Book & Record Bar for just a fiver.

See you all at Feast!

West Norwood Foto – the winning photographs!

Our thanks to all contributors

Thank you to everyone who sent in entries to West Norwood Foto. One hundred and thirty eight photographs were submitted. And some more have just arrived! Our judges viewed the online gallery to make their decisions based on relationship to theme and composition. Age wasn’t taken into account and some of our winners/special mentions are under 16. The youngest entrant was 7 years old.

After careful consideration, our judges have made the following selections;

Category: Street Scenes

Category Winner and Overall Winner

Catriona Gilchrist, Dog outside Ladbrokes


“An interesting and melancholic photo, with almost surreal elements to it. It also makes a social commentary.It touches upon the concept of street photography, which is seeing, and putting together elements as disparate as a dog, a broken pole, and a gambling den to create a visual message to goes out to the viewer and offers itself to multiple interpretations”

– Street Scenes category judge, Pierre Alozie.

“A classic documentary photograph in the sense that it captures something both fleeting (doggie) and unmoving (architecture).  It also allows the viewer to ponder on the folly of gambling!”

– Fantastic & Strange category judge, Hermione Wiltshire

Street Scenes: Runner Up

Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey 


“It is the dynamic composition of this photograph that attracted me to it. It seems to embody the essential components of street photography (spontaneity, composition and wit among others), and best interpreted the street theme of the competition.”

– Street Scenes category judge, Pierre Alozie.

Special Mention

Janet Haney for mobility scooters and John Nott for St Lukes Church. Janet’s photo is full of humour and could have been second, and John’s photo is technically sound, although it is the kind of photograph seen in many photography magazines.

Category: Community

“It was a very difficult balance between choosing a great looking photo and one that really said community – some of the images that were visually strong didn’t really say community to me. Also, as it is community there were often pictures with lots of people and lots going on in them, which sometimes made for an images with no obvious focal point. There were some strong images though and it was a hard choice”

– Community category judge, Anna Hindocha.


Jenny Ochera, Tug of War


“It was a very tough choice but I kept coming back to this image. I love the fact that it is a proper community effort – literally everyone pulling together. A great interpretation of the theme. I love the strong diagonal which means that the image works despite the number of people in it as the eye is guided through it. This, combined with the people’s positions which show the effort they are putting into pulling, also adds dynamism and excitement. While the strong sunlight does in some ways make the image less “perfect” I find the texture of the road, the strong shadows, the purple lens flare and the burnt out sky all make for a visually compelling image. Overall, I felt this image had a balance of saying the most about community while also being very visually interesting”

– Community category judge, Anna Hindocha.

Community: Runner Up

John D Haney, Cemetery Tour


“Thematically I really like the idea that the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery are keeping the dead involved and part of the community by their events. Visually, I love the pose of the speaker and the composition of the thin band of people surrounded by the greenery.”

– Community category judge, Anna Hindocha.



Category: Fantastic and Strange


Seb Hilditch, Angel of Norwood


“The Black & White takes out realistic greens of lichen, blues of sky and greys of stone making the photograph become more of an imagined picture and less of a documentary shot.  The composition is poised and gives the impression of a graceful portrait of a real woman dressed up as an angel not unlike an old Victorian photograph by for instance Julia Margaret Cameron”

– Fantastic & Strange category judge, Hermione Wiltshire

Fantastic & Strange: Runner up

Kes Young, child and plant 


“This picture bravely places an unusually slight moment at the centre of the picture there by taking the viewer’s attention to a sight easily overlooked.  A child’s encounter with spiky plants suggests a schism between the internal place suggested by their expression and a spectacular plant perhaps not native to West Norwood.”

– Fantastic & Strange category judge, Hermione Wiltshire

Special mention

Freddie Witchell for a compelling portrait of a stone face.  The effect drew the judges attention for a long time.  For his next pictures, Hermione would recommend working on composition.

Feast volunteers’ vote!

This went to Hetty Lalleman’s charming photo A Tight Knit. The photo was taken at Feast on the Tea & Talk Table, a space where people can sit and have a free cup of tea and a chat. It embodies all that is lovely about Feast!


Our thanks to our local business sponsors for providing the prizes