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Cenci Vintage Clothing and Accessories 

Cenci is tucked away in Net­tle­ford Place, the street behind the post office. Appear­ances can be decept­ive; there’s an unas­sum­ing ware­house facade, but ring the bell and you are buzzed into a vin­tage treas­ure trove. Bags, shoes, jump­ers, hats are stacked up high on shelves above bul­ging cloth­ing rails.


The busi­ness ori­gin­ated in Florence, Italy in 1971 and is run by hus­band and wife team Massimo and DeDe. From 1985, Cenci oper­ated for years in Cov­ent Garden with the later addi­tion of the cur­rent premises func­tion­ing as a ware­house. Since 2005 both the retail and whole­sale busi­ness have been based solely in our very own West Nor­wood.


DeDe gave a tour of their stock. It included knit­wear from the six­ties to eighties, suits, dresses, forties and fifties Cali­for­ni­an ranch wear, vin­tage design­er t shirts, as well as antique cloth­ing kept stored away for the dis­cern­ing. There was even a col­lec­tion of Tyr­olean cloth­ing; authen­t­ic tra­di­tion­al clothes and hats from the Alpine region of Aus­tria. This included an Aus­tri­an 1940’s fireman’s dress coat. From anoth­er corner of the shop, DeDe revealed her cur­rent favour­ite item; a unique hand stitched 1960s cot­ton skirt suit in psy­che­del­ic col­ours.


So who are Cenci’s cli­ents? Well, the design teams of high end fash­ion houses, look­ing for style ideas. Theatre, opera and film cos­tume depart­ments need­ing authen­t­ic cloth­ing for their pro­duc­tions. Musi­cians seek­ing a style before they’ve made it big. DeDe laughs; when they’ve made it big, they switch to con­tem­por­ary design­er wear. How­ever, cus­tom­ers also include every­day folk look­ing for well made cloth­ing. Bre­ton boat­ing jump­ers are in big demand and accessor­ies sourced in Amer­ica like belts, bags, cuff­links, which make unusu­al gifts.


As our intrep­id FEAST report­er was leav­ing, the Cenci team rolled into action to serve a cus­tom­er. From suit­cases and draw­ers items were rap­idly loc­ated to meet their client’s very exact­ing shop­ping list of vin­tage.


Net­tle­fold Place

SE27 0JW

Mon — Sat: 11 to 6pm and the first Sunday of every month