Central Station — Sat 16th July

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Tick­ets £5 on the door or in advance
Bar and snacks avail­able
Sat­urday 16th July 2016

Doors open 8pm

A power­ful, evoc­at­ive and mov­ing drama, involving a train jour­ney across Brazil with a cyn­ic­al woman and the young boy she befriends. With a superb per­form­ance from Fernando Montenegro who was Academy Award nom­in­ated (for best act­ress) in 1999.

The tone of life in Rio de Janeiro is estab­lished in an early scene in Walter Salles’ Cent­ral Sta­tion as a train pulls along­side the plat­form and pas­sen­gers crawl through the win­dows to grab seats ahead of the people who enter through the doors. In this dog-eat-dog world, Dora (Fernanda Montenegro) has a little stand in the rail sta­tion where she writes let­ters for people who are illit­er­ate.

One day a moth­er and son use her ser­vices to dic­tate a let­ter to the woman’s miss­ing hus­band. Soon after, the moth­er is struck and killed by a bus.

The child knows one per­son in Rio: Dora. He approaches her for help, and her response is brief: “Scram!” The key to the power of “Cent­ral Sta­tion” is in the way that word echoes down through most of the film. This is not a heart­warm­ing movie about a woman try­ing to help a pathet­ic orphan, but a hard-edged film about a woman who thinks only of her own needs.