Central Station – Sat 16th July

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Saturday 16th July 2016

Doors open 8pm

A powerful, evocative and moving drama, involving a train journey across Brazil with a cynical woman and the young boy she befriends. With a superb performance from Fernando Montenegro who was Academy Award nominated (for best actress) in 1999.

The tone of life in Rio de Janeiro is established in an early scene in Walter Salles‘ Central Station as a train pulls alongside the platform and passengers crawl through the windows to grab seats ahead of the people who enter through the doors. In this dog-eat-dog world, Dora (Fernanda Montenegro) has a little stand in the rail station where she writes letters for people who are illiterate.

One day a mother and son use her services to dictate a letter to the woman’s missing husband. Soon after, the mother is struck and killed by a bus.

The child knows one person in Rio: Dora. He approaches her for help, and her response is brief: “Scram!” The key to the power of “Central Station” is in the way that word echoes down through most of the film. This is not a heartwarming movie about a woman trying to help a pathetic orphan, but a hard-edged film about a woman who thinks only of her own needs.