Cool new retro happenings

At Tulse Vegas — one of Dia­mond Jive’s awe­some Fri­day night bashes in the Rail­way — half the girls there were dressed from Retro Vil­lage (me included, sport­ing a breezy sum­mer frock from Emblaze Lon­don). Dia­mond Jive are the local rock n rollers who have made the 1st and 2nd Retro Vil­lages come alive by demon­strat­ing their strolls and turns and spins and furls. They also inspired their audi­ence to per­use the vin­tage stalls in the Vil­lage for 50s chic so that they can look as cool as the Dia­mond Jivers.

1950s dance and 1950s fash­ion is what Retro Vil­lage is all about. So what other enter­tain­ment and inter­act­ive retro shenanigans can we get going? A hairdress­er would be cool. More than cool. Much as I love retro clothes I’ve never got the hang of vin­tageis­ing my hair and make-up and there must be sim­il­arly inept women (and men) out there who could do with a help­ing hand. How about tat­toos? Noth­ing more retro than a sail­or tat­too (though per­haps get­ting inked in a burst of retro fer­vour is going a little too far).

Fur­niture res­tor­a­tion would also be bril­liant. I’m forever find­ing battered but lovely fur­niture that’s been left out for the waste truck, like the green vel­vet wing-backed arm­chair I spot­ted on Nor­wood Road and reluct­antly left, know­ing I didn’t have the skills to patch up its moth eared bits. So maybe we could get some fur­niture repair work­shops going. We have the bril­liant Emmaus right across the road and fur­niture repair is right up their street. Inter­ested?

We’ve also had bril­liant retro music cour­tesy of Michael who’s been selling his records at the Retro Vil­lage, but live music would be awe­some as well. It doesn’t have to be jive – doo wop, rocka­billy, swing, rhythm n blues, retro reg­gae, jazz or old fash­ioned folk – we are open to all as long as it’s cool old stuff.

If you know of any suit­able retro enter­tain­ment, or work­shop type stuff, get in touch with

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