It’s the very last Feast of the year…

…so make the most of it this Sunday, good people of WeNo. As usual there’s lots to do and see and hear and buy and EAT. Eating is especially high on the list, as it will be cold and you’ll need your strengths keeping up.

Most of the leisure centre’s Family hub will be inside this month (which is very nice for them) apart from Dr Bike, the free kids activities and all the hot food. Did we mention food again? Please do come hungry this Sunday – it is called FEAST for a reason…


After an almost interminable wait that had us all growing long beards and nails, Knowles the new pub on Norwood Road is finally open – and truly resplendent it is, with all its warm lighting, wooden furniture and hanging tools.

If you haven’t been yet, head to Fresh & Green this Feast and check it out. The lovely people who run Knowles say that you can even sit outside on their benches and eat your Feastie food if you like. And we do.

Free stuff

These lovely Pilates people will be giving away free taster sessions along Norwood Road on Feast Sunday. A local author will be doing storytelling (at 12pm,1.30pm & 2.30pm) with his monster Ferocious Dennis at the Family hub inside the leisure centre (NB for any smalls who might be afraid, rumour has it that Dennis is neither ferocious or a Dennis, but in fact the author’s wife) (who we imagine is quite sweaty inside there).

Also at the Family hub, kids can make Christmas paper lanterns, with a real actual candle inside. Not the burny kind, mind, of the LED variety. Make one of these and bring in to Feast’s Christmas Lights event on Saturday 12 December at St Luke’s church – and you too can join in the lantern parade…

Here’s the entertainments schedule – you will see it on chalk boards & flyers so no need to commit to memory (unless you’re that kind of person, of course)

St Luke’s Church
12.30pm – 1.00pm Achord Chamber Choir
2.00pm – 2.30pm   Musical Bumps with Katherine Corrigan (Inside the Church)
1.15pm – 4.00pm   DJ Pete Williams & Guest tbc (Christmas Specials)

11.00am – 4.00pm   Resident DJ Luke Plowden and DJ Lawrence Brooks
12.15pm – 1.15pm   Steve and the Hats Band
1.30pm – 2.30pm     Uffington 357 Band

Retro Village
10.00am – 4.00pm   HeartandSoul Records

Fresh ‘n Green
12.00pm – 3.00pm   DJ Tim Allen (Christmas Nostalgia)

Other stuff to look forward to

No need to despair once Feast is over, we have other things on until the first Feast of 2016 (on Sunday 3 April, mark that in your spanking new 2016 diaries).

There’s Feast’s annual Christmas Lights event next weekend at St Luke’s, where if you forgot to buy Christmas gifts you can buy even more Christmas gifts.

And all throughout the time when most Feast volunteers hibernate, the Feast Film Nights crew will still be bringing you their eclectic and wonderful bi monthly film and music evenings – last one of the year is Cocteau’s Orphee on Sat 12 December with non other than The Orb’s Alex Paterson doing a DJ set for you all. For a fiver!

Then at the beginning of February, when you’ll all be crying out for something wonderful to happen, there’s the second Feast Food Week and an opportunity to dine in a West Norwood venue you’ve never had the pleasure of dining in.

See you at Feast!