Fashionistas & Fireworks @ Feast Sunday 1 November!

Kick up those heels at Fashion Feast!

It’s all about fab­ulous frocks and fire­works this Feast. Our volun­teers have pulled togeth­er the finest out­fits in West Nor­wood, put them on well rehearsed mod­els and are ready to give you not one, but TWO fash­ion shows in the Old Lib­rary on Knights Hill! The sport­ing of dark glasses, fedoras and pouts is a must.

Free fireworks for kids

Lam­beth can’t afford to do fire­works this year, so we’re get­ting the kids at Feast to make some. The non gun­powder blow­ing up vari­ety, obvs. We have these fel­lows here:

…or if your nip­pers fancy get­ting busy with bal­loons, paint and black paper, take them up the the Fam­ily hub at the leis­ure centre where they can make a com­mun­al piece of splat­ted fire­work art.

If all that is just far too much mess and stick­i­ness, you could just col­our in some draw­ings of fire­works. We do have that option, too.There’s free stuff for kids going on inside St Luke’s from both Musical Bumps and the cheery ladies from Pram Chorus as well as our reg­u­lar Feast favour­ites (see enter­tain­ment sched­ule below). And if that weren’t enough, Mambista DJ Jerry Lyseight will be spin­ning Latino, Afric­an and jazz beats up at Fam­ily Hub.

What’s on besides…?

Retro will be back in its prop­er place, along with the Sunday papers and board games in the car­park at Rosebery’s. They’ll have upcycled fur­niture from Dolly Did It, cup­cake dec­or­at­ing for the kids from Love­some Cake and Rosebery’s paint­ing and jew­ellery spe­cial­ist is on hand to answer ques­tions about your treas­ures. Por­tico will have its bazaar going on so pop in on your way down Knights Hill.Dixie Union, an old Feast favour­ite will be at the leis­ure centre’s Fam­ily hub along with a couple of ori­ent­al street food new­bies Hao Hoa Chi and Pochi — be sure to try them out! Dr Bike will be by the bike sheds (not behind them, sadly) and we have a new stall by these Bling Ya Bike folks, whose young entre­pren­eurs will be selling cool bike related products that they’ve made.

Feast film nights (and mornings)

Anoth­er children’s mat­in­ee com­ing up, this time it’s Shaun the Sheep on Sat­urday 7 Novem­ber. Not strictly a mat­in­ee as it’s at 11am… but that’s the time you par­ents said you’d like to take your mites to the flicks and we aim to please. At £5 for adult and £2 for accom­pan­ied kid, that’s fairly pleas­ing, no?

For the grown ups there’s an open mic poetry even­ing later in the month with the film of Gingsberg’s Howl, trail­er here. If you want to get the news­let­ter from Feast film nights (or mat­in­ees that aren’t mat­in­ees), sign up here.

And finally…

How about this as a Feast suc­cess story? Michael star­ted out by selling records at Feast, he opened the Book & Record Bar in West Nor­wood and he’s made it onto the Guardian's list of top record shops in the coun­try!

See you all at Feast!