FEAST is looking for a temporary Coordinator

Job title: Inter­im Feast co-ordin­at­or
Organ­isa­tion: West Nor­wood Feast
Salary: £100/day for an aver­age of 6 — 8 days per month

West Nor­wood Feast is a people powered mar­ket that takes place on the first Sunday of the month from April through to Decem­ber. We have been run­ning suc­cess­fully for three years, and have been recog­nised loc­ally and across Lon­don for our innov­at­ive com­munity-based work. We have been suc­cess­ful in secur­ing grants from the Outer Lon­don Fund and have been sup­por­ted by the Mayor of Lon­don and Lam­beth Coun­cil.

The mar­ket is run by volun­teers, and aims to bring togeth­er a fun and eclect­ic mix of stalls, enter­tain­ment, and kids activ­it­ies. We are strongly rooted in the local com­munity, with links to West Nor­wood busi­nesses, char­it­ies and res­id­ents. We try to adopt a fun, enga­ging and inclus­ive approach to our work, driv­en by our aim of “mak­ing West Nor­wood an even bet­ter place to live”.

There are a num­ber of excit­ing devel­op­ments ahead in West Nor­wood. There is the pos­sib­il­ity of a weekly mar­ket next year; local shops and busi­nesses have recently set up a Busi­ness Asso­ci­ation; the new leis­ure centre and swim­ming pool are due to open in the spring; and Pic­ture­house is plan­ning to open a new cinema beside the lib­rary. Feast is mov­ing towards set­ting up a char­ity and is cur­rently devel­op­ing its busi­ness model for 2014 onwards.

The mar­ket is sched­uled to enter its winter break from Decem­ber, but we need an extra pair of help­ing hands to make sure that we are ready to start the 2014 Feast sea­son with a bang in April! We are seek­ing a tem­por­ary Feast co-ordin­at­or to help with some of the sup­port and admin­is­trat­ive tasks that need to be car­ried out dur­ing this winter peri­od. You’ll need to be pretty flex­ible, inter­ested in the object­ives of Feast and keen to work along­side a fun and enthu­si­ast­ic group of volun­teers! In the short-term we are look­ing for someone from Janu­ary-March. There may be the poten­tial to apply for a longer-term role once we have agreed the busi­ness model for Feast 2014.

Some of the spe­cif­ic respons­ib­il­it­ies will involve:
1. To be the first point of con­tact for any­one wish­ing to con­tact Feast, includ­ing key stake­hold­ers such as Lam­beth Coun­cil and the Outer Lon­don Fund
2. To be the cent­ral point of con­tact for any quer­ies with­in the Feast volun­teer team
3. To sup­port comms activ­it­ies, such as Feast blogs, e-news­let­ter, social media
4. To make arrange­ments for weekly open meet­ings on Tues­day even­ings at the Rail­way pub and
the fort­nightly steer­ing group meet­ings (send­ing out notices; ensur­ing volun­teers are avail­able
for agenda set­ting, chair­ing and minute tak­ing). Attend­ing some of those meet­ings as

1. To help volun­teers co-ordin­ate the annu­al ‘I love Feast’ volun­teer­ing and aware­ness rais­ing
cam­paign and the planned sup­per club event in Feb­ru­ary
2. To sup­port the Feast team in draw­ing up plans for Feast in 2014
3. To sup­port any pre­par­a­tion required in the run up to Feast in April 2014

1. To record all Feast income and expendit­ure, gen­er­at­ing invoices and ensur­ing prompt pay­ment
of bills
2. To provide monthly fin­ance reports to the Outer Lon­don Fund and attend any rel­ev­ant meet­ings
3. To coordin­ate fin­an­cial record­ing with Feast’saccountant and book­keep­er

1. To main­tain Feast’s intern­al­doc­u­ment man­age­ment sys­tems (e.g. meet­ing agen­das, minutes,
con­tracts, licences etc)

More details
To find out more about the role, please e-mail hello@westnorwoodfeast.com.
The dead­line for expres­sions of interest is Wed­nes­day 27 Novem­ber and inter­views are sched­uled to take place in the even­ing of Monday 9 Decem­ber. Please send through a CV and short state­ment say­ing why you are inter­ested in the role.

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