Holiday at Feast Sunday 2 August!

Who needs to go away in August when you have your own fest­iv­al of hol­i­day fun at home in West Nor­wood this Sunday? The weath­er will be of the kindly British variety and even some of the Feast volun­teers and traders (who are not sun­ning them­selves on beaches, drink­ing French wine or climb­ing moun­tains) will be get­ting into the hol­i­day spir­it with you — spot the Kiss me Quick hats and ‘gone on hol­i­day’ stalls…

What’s happening at Feast?

There will be ‘hol­i­day themed fun’ for the kids at the pic­nic & play area by the leis­ure centre (who KNOWS what this entails… but it’s got to involve a swing ball at some point, surely?). If you want your nip­pers to be able to par­lez on your hol­i­days to for­eign climes, award win­ning lan­guage tuition La Jolie Ronde are com­ing to West Nor­wood leis­ure centre — and there’s a 15% dis­count for those clev­er peeps that sign up on Feast day…

We have all the usual enter­tain­ment on Sunday and some new per­formers besides. Listen out for the Amer­ic­ana inspired rock band Fire at Will who will be at a St Luke’s fol­lowed by the intriguingly named Derek’s Vibes Duo (who even more intriguingly do ‘Nu-Free Jazz’).

At Fresh & Green they have a new stall selling man­goes and mango products, called Ecopeace. The man­goes it sells are sus­tain­ably grown and eth­ic­ally traded and unlike many other places, they are not for­cibly ripened using chem­ic­als. What could be bet­ter than that? Oh, they come from a small town in Seneg­al called Pout 🙂

Feast is volunteer powered

Did you even know this!?!

It is dif­fi­cult to tell because the whole event is so bril­liant, but Feast runs almost entirely on volun­teer good­will, exper­i­ence and time. We ALWAYS need help (espe­cially in hol­i­day sea­son!) and now and then we reach out for a hand. There will be ban­ners on all the hubs appeal­ing for more people like YOU (pointy Kit­chener­esque fin­ger here) to get involved.

It can just be for a couple of hours help­ing out dur­ing Feast days, right down to com­plex roles like web­site edit­or and mer­chand­ise coordin­at­or. If you think you can help, please email us on or sign up on the day.

Feast Film Nights

… are hav­ing a hol­i­day in August. But they will be back in Septem­ber with an almost world premi­er — a quite extraordin­ary film, Jodorowsky’s Dune.

Here’s a trailer of what its all about. If you want to know more, pop into the Por­tico Gal­lery dur­ing Feast day or look out for Feast Film Night volun­teers on a recruit­ment drive at Feast. You can also like us on Facebook or check the Feast website for pro­gramme details — com­ing soon!

See you at Feast!