Is it the Spring air?

The inform­a­tion is ready, the leaf­lets are out, and its not just me get­ting excited. Our Tues­day night meet had a cer­tain wild energy to it and there is a new sur­real buzz devel­op­ing on the high­street. I know this because I was in one of the shops on the week­end and whilst talk­ing about FEAST a leaf­let appeared. It had been given by a cus­tom­er and was worn at the edges. He had told them to keep it as he knew where to get more. There was a slight air of the golden tick­et in Charlie and the Chocol­ate Fact­ory about it. And the shop keep­er had a little spring in her step that I’ve not noticed before, and I am sure that was a glint I saw in her eye when we talked at length about the FEAST with noth­ing in par­tic­u­lar.

Watch this space.

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