Feast Film Nights 2016 – Man With A Movie Camera + Live score — Sat 9th Jan




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In 2015 FEAST Film Nights put on an eclectic mix of cinematic events featuring… cabaret performers, jazz bands, folk singers, anti-valentine’s nights, Australia Day celebrations, video jukebox evenings, open mic poetry, children’s sing-a-longs, video art projections, Q + A sessions, French psychedelia seminars, Latin music nights, live soundtracks and special guest appearances by local and internationally renowned DJs.

And of course we screened some great movies in 2015…

Wake in Fright
After Hours
The Lego Movie
Midnight Cowboy
A Ciel Ouvert
Some Like it Hot
We Are The Best!
“I’ll Show You Mine” (Video Jukebox night)
Bugsy Malone
Soy Cuba
The Wicker Man
Jodorowsky’s Dune + DJ Food set
Wild At Heart
Downtown 81
Howl + open mic poetry night
Orphee + Alex Patterson (The Orb) live soundtrack