Feast Film Nights 2016 — Man With A Movie Camera + Live score — Sat 9th Jan




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In 2015 FEAST Film Nights put on an eclect­ic mix of cine­mat­ic events fea­tur­ing… cab­aret per­formers, jazz bands, folk sing­ers, anti-valentine’s nights, Aus­tralia Day cel­eb­ra­tions, video juke­box even­ings, open mic poetry, children’s sing-a-longs, video art pro­jec­tions, Q + A ses­sions, French psy­che­delia sem­inars, Latin music nights, live soundtracks and spe­cial guest appear­ances by local and inter­na­tion­ally renowned DJs.

And of course we screened some great movies in 2015…

Wake in Fright
After Hours
The Lego Movie
Mid­night Cow­boy
A Ciel Ouvert
Some Like it Hot
We Are The Best!
“I’ll Show You Mine” (Video Juke­box night)
Bugsy Malone
Soy Cuba
The Wick­er Man
Jodorowsky’s Dune + DJ Food set
Wild At Heart
Down­town 81
Howl + open mic poetry night
Orph­ee + Alex Pat­ter­son (The Orb) live soundtrack