*NEW!!!* #WeNo where it’s at : The insider’s guide to West Norwood…

This will be a reg­u­lar fea­ture on the Feast web­site, where an intrep­id Feaster report­er will be reg­u­larly fea­tur­ing the won­der­ful delights of your high street, start­ing with…

.…Baron, Polish & Brazilian Deli


Intro­du­cing Artur and Neade, own­ers of Baron Pol­ish and Brazili­an Deli, a hus­band and wife team from Poland and Brazil. Baron is an estab­lished West Nor­wood shop, which for 3 years was near Flor­al Hall. They moved to their cur­rent lar­ger premises 8 months ago.IMG_2330

Baron sell mainly Pol­ish and Brazili­an foods and have a loyal cus­tom­er base; mainly from West Nor­wood but also trav­el­ling from Streath­am and as far flung as Brom­ley. Staff speak Eng­lish, Por­tuguese, Span­ish or Pol­ish to cater for cus­tom­ers from a range of nations. Due to cus­tom­er demand, Baron have recently star­ted to stock some Hun­gari­an and Rou­mani­an products.

IMG_2207Baron have been recom­men­ded by WeNo loc­als for its cuts of beef and hams. Artur gave our intrep­id FEAST report­er a guided tour of the shelves. He con­firmed their meat is a big attrac­tion; par­tic­u­larly fresh pork , Pol­ish hams (pop­u­lar with Eng­lish cus­tom­ers who com­men­ted how tasty it was) and Brazili­an cuts of beef which Brazili­an cus­tom­ers buy to bar­be­cue. In the freez­er com­part­ment, there were among other products, Acai frozen pur­ees to blend for smooth­ies. Acai berry (from the Acai Palm) is a pop­u­lar Brazili­an fruit believed to have health giv­ing prop­er­ties. Artur said Acai its a favour­ite with Jiu Jitsu mar­tial arts prac­ti­tion­ers!


Pol­ish honey also came highly recom­men­ded as well as bread delivered from a Lon­don Pol­ish bakery…the rye bread with plum looked good.

IMG_2214Baron Pol­ish & Brazili­an Deli

368 Nor­wood Road

SE27 9AA

Mon — Sat: 9 to 8pm

Sun: 10 to 5pm