November Feast is coming…

As the days get short­er and the leaves turn to orange, we in West Nor­wood are bed­ding down for our autum­nal Feast mar­ket on Sunday 6 Novem­ber and get­ting really quite excited. So, we thought we’d give you a small soupson of what is to come…

The FOOD mar­ket — the smells from which are like bells ringing across all the bor­ough — will be packed as always with edible delights from near and far includ­ing new-comers Roll With The Roti who will be serving fajita style Indi­an wraps with freshly made roti. The RETRO mar­ket will be in full vin­tage swing from start to fin­ish, but the jive dan­cing will com­mence after lunch­eon. The ARTISANS’ mar­ket has grown and so there will be more arts and crafts, and makers and artists to talk to and buy from, and it now has its very own food stall The Makery. Yot­tam Ottolenghi beware. The GARDENERS’ mar­ket will be joined this month by crys­tal palace’s very own secret garden garden centre and Kate from Tom & Amelia will be show­ing us how to make bird feed­ers, and the team will con­tin­ue to water the flowers in the tree beds that line our glor­i­ous high street.

And then ALSO, will be mak­ing merry in and around their shop on Lan­caster Aven­ue, are col­labort­ing with the Lon­don Uni­ver­sity of Arts and host­ing an exhib­i­tion on Sunday, and to bring to a close this redol­ent autum­nal week­end in West Nor­wood the will be per­form­ing a rehearsed read­ing of the play ‘Roof­ing the County of Sur­rey with Crys­tal’ (set in Crys­tal Palace) on Sunday night (after Feast) at 8pm in their bar. All are wel­come (please men­tion Sue Blun­dell if you are not a mem­ber) and its free.

All of the above is just a taster remem­ber. There is more, much more. I haven’t even men­tioned the enter­tain­ment.

Oh and by the way, off the back of their suc­cess at Feast (we do have to take some cred­it), pre­vi­ous stall hold­ers Mor­ita y Cas­ca­bel and have just opened in Brix­ton Mar­ket and Vil­lage respect­ively as and French and Grace. One won­ders who or what is next, this being the beast that is Feast.


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