You are very welcome to join us every Tuesday night at 1830 at the Railway Pub next to Tulse Hill railway station. Very welcome.

You should know though that you might find yourself quite quickly involved in an intense brainstorming session with people you’ve never met about something of which you have no idea, during which your no idea ideas will appear. You might sit next someone you don’t know who wants to say hello. It happens.

You might be asked to communicate with the local press regardless of your work ‘experience’ or the fact that you’re new to West Norwood FEAST. You might come away overloaded with ideas, a long list of action points and no clue how to action these action points but with a strange sense of achievement – possibly because your no idea ideas are on said action list. You will probably come away having been invited to a party.

You might find that when you get home you have a low humming feeling deep inside your tummy – if that’s the case its probably the adreline caused by the thrill of vibrant interaction. And, you might find yourself still there at closing time, drunk and still talking about very and extremely important issues.

These are our meetings, to which you are very welcome.