The other Manchester team has won the Premier League title for the first time in more than forty years, and we in West Norwood love that. We know it’s not easy living with noisy neighbours. For far too long we’ve been living in the shadow of Brixton, Dulwich and Herne Hill. But City’s victory is a sure sign that times change and sure enough it seems that now some of our neighbours want to be like West Norwood!!

We recently welcomed a contingent from Herne Hill to our Tuesday Feast meeting who would like to share our success. Naturally we’re more than happy to help spread the goodness and the people who run Feast are chuffed to bits that West Norwood is making people sit up and notice.

But it’s not just Herne Hill. As news of our lovely community spreads far and wide, we’ve been attracting attention from on high. And we’re proud to announce that as a result of our success we’re expecting a very important visitor at the special Jubilee Feast on 3rd June.

Stand aside Boris. Make way Mary Portas. None other than the Queen Betty II* will be joining us on 3rd June and she’ll be stopping to have tea with everyone.

To give her a massive welcome we’ll be decking the place out in bunting, flags and balloons. There’ll even be a Royal Treasure Hunt.

So if you’re going to be at any street party this Jubilee, make it West Norwood Feast and get practising your curtsey.

*WNF reserves the right to HRH for someone possibly even more like the Queen if the Queen is unavailable.