Royal West Norwood

The other Manchester team has won the Premi­er League title for the first time in more than forty years, and we in West Nor­wood love that. We know it’s not easy liv­ing with noisy neigh­bours. For far too long we’ve been liv­ing in the shad­ow of Brix­ton, Dul­wich and Herne Hill. But City’s vic­tory is a sure sign that times change and sure enough it seems that now some of our neigh­bours want to be like West Nor­wood!!

We recently wel­comed a con­tin­gent from Herne Hill to our Tues­day Feast meet­ing who would like to share our suc­cess. Nat­ur­ally we’re more than happy to help spread the good­ness and the people who run Feast are chuffed to bits that West Nor­wood is mak­ing people sit up and notice.

But it’s not just Herne Hill. As news of our lovely com­munity spreads far and wide, we’ve been attract­ing atten­tion from on high. And we’re proud to announce that as a res­ult of our suc­cess we’re expect­ing a very import­ant vis­it­or at the spe­cial Jubilee Feast on 3rd June.

Stand aside Boris. Make way Mary Portas. None other than the Queen Betty II* will be join­ing us on 3rd June and she’ll be stop­ping to have tea with every­one.

To give her a massive wel­come we’ll be deck­ing the place out in bunt­ing, flags and bal­loons. There’ll even be a Royal Treas­ure Hunt.

So if you’re going to be at any street party this Jubilee, make it West Nor­wood Feast and get prac­tising your curt­sey.

*WNF reserves the right to HRH for someone pos­sibly even more like the Queen if the Queen is unavail­able.

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