Sidling up Norwood Road…

8531240294_92860e17e7_bHello, FEAST lov­ers, I’m your new coordin­at­or, Char­lotte. I used to work for the Herne Hill forum and still do things like the Herne Hill free film fest­iv­al but I am now sid­ling up Nor­wood Road (this grimly delight­ful street on which I have lived for the past 15 years) into West Nor­wood to see what you guys are all about.

West Nor­wood has trans­formed (for me, I’m sure the rest of you know that already) from the place where I used to go for lib­rary books, dog bis­cuits and paint to some­where that now has a pleth­ora of inter­est­ing cafes in which I have met a pleth­ora of inter­est­ing people, a MASSIVELY cool book and record bar (don’t even get me star­ted on how much I am look­ing for­ward to the first Fri­day of every month) and even a Tard­is mas­quer­ad­ing as a gal­lery…

But enough about me and my ill informed youth, back to the busi­ness of this blog.

Soooo, it’s all been rather cold and wet lately, has it not? West Nor­wood high street is miss­ing its FEAST. No wor­ries, folks, the hiberna­tion peri­od is nearly over. Why, before you know it, spring will be here and those incred­ible people who make up your lovely com­munity mar­ket will emerge stretch­ing and yawn­ing from their bur­rows (bur­rows?) to bring your first April FEAST.

That is still, I am aware, a very long month away… So the first thing I’d like to draw your atten­tion to is a won­der­ful pre FEAST open day event at the Por­tico Gal­lery (23a Knight’s Hill) this Sunday that you can all come along to (with or without any chil­dren you may have acquired).

I Love FEAST, Sunday 2 March, 11am till 3pm.

There will be a pop up café, music, free stuff for kids to do (includ­ing a storyteller, I hear) and lots of inform­a­tion on how you can help out at FEAST. Come along, at least it will be warm and dry inside, no? And there will be cake.

Other stuff

Well, it’s all hap­pen­ing in West Nor­wood, isn’t it? Shove over Herne Hill and Dul­wich, neither of you have a cinema AND a leis­ure centre com­ing to your high street (even if no one is quite sure when either will open…)

But that’s not the half of it. The Nor­wood Hotel is chan­ging hands this month, to be taken over by a West Nor­wood res­id­ent and former FEAST trader, Dixie Union (not his real name)(he has a real name, but its not as good as ‘Dixie Union’). The pub is soon to be known as The Great North Wood pub (prize for any­one who knows why…) and it’ll have all sorts of real ales and lovely grub, as well as spe­cial offers for FEAST fol­low­ers, so keep those social media eyes peeled. All in all, a very wel­come addi­tion to the top end of the high street (just please can we keep the pool table and juke­box?).

And it’s not just res­id­ents who are open­ing their beady eyes to the poten­tial of WN…Antic (who run a cool pile of pubs, check these out) have spot­ted the area’s poten­tial too and are tak­ing over This, That and The Other (pre­vi­ously pur­vey­ors of all things fine and cheap) (housed in argu­ably the ugli­est build­ing along the entire length of Nor­wood Road) and mak­ing it into a fam­ily friendly pub. This they will be call­ing Knowles Of Nor­wood (second prize for any­one who knows why). If you’re inter­ested in sup­port­ing this addi­tion to the other end of the high street, there’s an open hear­ing re its license at 19:00 on 4 March at Lam­beth Town Hall. Just say­ing…

Now, fine West Nor­wood­ites, if you know or hear of any­thing else hap­pen­ing in the neigh­bour­hood, be sure to let us know. We at FEAST social media HQ are happy to plug all things local and inter­est­ing. Keep in touch with us in all these myri­ad ways…, On Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

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