Sunday 6 September, a historical Feast…

…in that the theme this month is His­tory! Spot the Feast volun­teers in old fash­ioned garb -cour­tesy of the South Lam­beth Theatre who will be hav­ing a vintage sale of old props and cos­tumes on Feast day! There will be a his­tory quiz pre­pared by fair-handed volun­teers (per­chance in bustles or plus fours) and you and your fam­il­ies (or even you all by your­self) can col­lect the quiz sheets at all hubs and the spend some hours head scratch­ing before hand­ing it in at Feast HQ (St Luke’s) by 3pm.

Those lucky enough to win will get two tick­ets to next months Folk of the Wood Ceilidh (try spelling THAT without spell check), two tick­ets for a Feast Film Night, some free swims at the leis­ure centre or £5 Brix­ton pounds (which can be spent in WeNo we are told). To get your­self in the mood for some prop­er his­tory stuff, check out this short film from 1946 West Nor­wood.

All change at Feast!

Retro Vil­lage is hos­ted this month and next at the Por­tico Gal­lery on the other side of the road from the Rosebery’s car park. This is due to Rosebery’s actu­ally need­ing their car park…
All other hubs remain in the same place luck­ily.
How­ever one of them has under­gone a name change. Health & Well­being is now rebranded as Fam­ily Hub (due to it being the new place for all the small fry to hang out) and for His­tory Feast there will be lots of old fash­ioned tra­di­tion­al games to be played up there. Think hopscotch, elast­ics, marbles, hula hoops, chuck the bean­bag at the thing… At least two of them will be pos­sible.

We also have Bea's Baby Music per­form­ing at the Fam­ily Hub at 12.30 — get your babies and tod­dlers DOWN!

Entertaining you at Feast

We have anoth­er great line up for you; there’s reg­u­lars Uff­ing­ton 357 at St Luke’s and Steve and the Hats at Artis­ans — plus Soul Night's Pete W step­ping in as res­id­ent DJ. This month we have not one but TWO choirs singing for us on the steps of St Luke’s. There’s the won­der­ful Popchoir at 1pm and then Big Sing London Voices Choir at 3pm — who were chosen to be on BBC Songs of Praise Gos­pel Choir of the Year 2015. No less. Here they all are singing a few years ago.

And finally…not at Feast but two weeks after, Feast Film Night’s host an almost premiere of Jodorowsky's Dune which is cre­at­ing quite a stir. Get there early if you want a (plush, comfy) seat.

See you at Feast!