…in that the theme this month is History! Spot the Feast volunteers in old fashioned garb -courtesy of the South Lambeth Theatre who will be having a vintage sale of old props and costumes on Feast day! There will be a history quiz prepared by fair-handed volunteers (perchance in bustles or plus fours) and you and your families (or even you all by yourself) can collect the quiz sheets at all hubs and the spend some hours head scratching before handing it in at Feast HQ (St Luke’s) by 3pm.

Those lucky enough to win will get two tickets to next months Folk of the Wood Ceilidh (try spelling THAT without spell check), two tickets for a Feast Film Night, some free swims at the leisure centre or £5 Brixton pounds (which can be spent in WeNo we are told). To get yourself in the mood for some proper history stuff, check out this short film from 1946 West Norwood.

All change at Feast!

Retro Village is hosted this month and next at the Portico Gallery on the other side of the road from the Rosebery’s car park. This is due to Rosebery’s actually needing their car park…
All other hubs remain in the same place luckily.
However one of them has undergone a name change. Health & Wellbeing is now rebranded as Family Hub (due to it being the new place for all the small fry to hang out) and for History Feast there will be lots of old fashioned traditional games to be played up there. Think hopscotch, elastics, marbles, hula hoops, chuck the beanbag at the thing… At least two of them will be possible.

We also have Bea’s Baby Music performing at the Family Hub at 12.30 – get your babies and toddlers DOWN!

Entertaining you at Feast

We have another great line up for you; there’s regulars Uffington 357 at St Luke’s and Steve and the Hats at Artisans – plus Soul Night’s Pete W stepping in as resident DJ. This month we have not one but TWO choirs singing for us on the steps of St Luke’s. There’s the wonderful Popchoir at 1pm and then Big Sing London Voices Choir at 3pm – who were chosen to be on BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2015. No less. Here they all are singing a few years ago.

And finally…not at Feast but two weeks after, Feast Film Night’s host an almost premiere of Jodorowsky’s Dune which is creating quite a stir. Get there early if you want a (plush, comfy) seat.

See you at Feast!