We have all the usual stuff happening – you know, great food, great music, great hanging out opportunities, great weather – all that. But as you wander around the one hundred plus stalls, you may notice a preponderance of bears…

“If you go down in the hood today (eh hem, Sunday), you’d better go in disguise…”

Bring your teddies and come to the Picnic & Play area by the leisure centre. There will be rugs and tea sets a plenty, a bear hunt (!) and you can even make your teddy a lovely outfit whilst you’re there.

We also have Wingit, our open mic session in the afternoon for our young and aspiring local talent – hosted by the incomparable Uncle Errol from Word on the Kerb.


There’s also entertaining stuff for the grown ups – here it is.

If you love a bit of Stevie Smith, bring your favourite poem of hers along to PoetrySlabs at the West Norwood Old Library on Feast day – and read it in good company.

WeNo Insider’s Guide blog

Here’s the latest wonderful blog post about those businesses in West Norwood that you maybe didn’t know were there…or did and have never been in….or know and love and wish more people knew about them!

This one is about Hobby’s, a veritable treasure trove of little things to make and do.

May’s Feast Film Nights

This month’s fabulous offering from the volunteer team at Feast Film Nights is Pan’s Labyrinth “One of the greatest of all fantasy films” – Roger Ebert. You can watch this on Friday 26 May at the Book & Record Bar for just a fiver.

See you all at Feast!