Super Surplus Supper! Monday 1 February

Come dine with the West Nor­wood Com­munity Shop! Spaces are lim­ited so please book here through Grub Club to reserve your place at this unique table…

This is the first din­ing event of nine for West Nor­wood Feast’s Food Week, which starts on Monday 1 Feb­ru­ary and cul­min­ates in a Caribbean Feast on Sunday 7 Feb­ru­ary.

The Super Sur­plus Sup­per even­ing brings togeth­er a col­lab­or­a­tion of local organ­isa­tions that use great qual­ity sur­plus food to make beau­ti­ful meals for local people.

Please note that the menu is for illus­trat­ive pur­poses only — the menu will be a mys­tery depend­ing on the food avail­able.

Diners will have an oppor­tun­ity to dine on a spec­tac­u­lar din­ner whilst also learn­ing more about how food becomes waste, the organ­isa­tions that are try­ing to pre­vent unne­ces­sary waste from occur­ring and what we can all do to help make sure that great food goes into hungry mouths.

The meal will be based on great qual­ity food, with­in its best before date, that has been res­cued from going to land­fill by Com­munity Shop.

The three course meal will be pre­pared by mem­bers of the West Nor­wood com­munity with sup­port from pro­fes­sion­al chefs from both Com­munity Shop and The Brix­ton People’s Kit­chen.

All profits will go towards sup­port­ing The Brix­ton People’s Kit­chen and Food­Cycle to con­tin­ue sav­ing more food, feed­ing more people and build­ing stronger com­munit­ies.

This is a BYOB event.

House Rules: Usual res­taur­ant rules apply