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Volunteer for Feast in 2018!

Feast is run almost entirely by volun­teers. Apart from our part time coordin­at­or, we are a team of local people who come togeth­er each year to ‘make West Nor­wood an even bet­ter place to live’. It is volun­teers who book the hun­dred or so mar­ket stalls, who organ­ise the free activ­it­ies, who sched­ule the music­al per­form­ances. We do a pretty impress­ive thing, but we can always do with more help!

Volunteer Roles

There are loads of ways you can help. It could be just a couple of hours on a Feast day giv­ing out inform­a­tion and being friendly. Or you could do more behind the scenes stuff, like help­ing with our fin­ances or mar­ket­ing. Here are just some of the roles we need you for…

  • hub lead­ers to help run the dif­fer­ent mar­ket spaces
  • enter­tain­ment coordin­at­ors to sched­ule the day’s music at Feast and run Wingit, our open mic per­form­ance space for young people
  • a fin­ance team to do the man­age­ment accounts
  • a mar­ket­ing team to over­see design, mer­chand­ise, spon­sor­ship and press liais­on
  • tech­nic­al people to set up the music equip­ment and run the web­site
  • cre­at­ive, com­munity minded people to cur­ate the monthly themed Feast’s — we like to involve as many other local organ­isa­tions as pos­sible!

Why become a Feast volunteer?

Here are just some of the reas­ons why we do it…

  • to meet our neigh­bours (and make some good friends)
  • to learn about the com­munity and feel more con­nec­ted
  • to gain new skills
  • to be a part of some­thing suc­cess­ful and enjoy­able
  • and because it’s much more fun than Face­book!

If you want to get involved, please email us on hello@westnorwoodfeast.com or con­tact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.