The Emergency Poet coming to April Feast!

The world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service

598909_621112567931691_1614546534_nA mix of the ser­i­ous, the thera­peut­ic and the the­at­ric­al, the Emer­gency Poet offers con­sulta­tions inside her ambu­lance and pre­scribes poems as cures. In the wait­ing room under an attached awn­ing Nurse Verse dis­penses poem­cetamols and other poet­ic pills and treat­ments from the Cold Com­fort Phar­macy. There are skulls, jars of eye­balls and other body parts inside the ambu­lance.

Dressed in white coat an
d steth­o­scope, Emer­gency Poet travels in her 1970’s ambu­lance, accom­pan­ied by Nurse Verse or The Poemed­ic to lit­er­ary and music fest­ivals, lib­rar­ies, schools, pubs, wed­dings and con­fer­ences… any­where where poet­ic help may be urgently required…