#WeNo insider’s guide to Goodways Electronics

Presenting…Goodways Elec­tron­ics; a humble gem of a work­shop hid­den away in Dalton Street.


Here a whole range of repairs are under­taken by owner John. Our intrep­id FEAST report­er squeezed into the space in front of a counter dom­in­ated by flat screen TV’s. Through the gap framed by this line of TVs, you can glimpse the work­shop behind. Its crammed with elec­tric­al parts and appli­ances queued for repair.


So what does John repair? Well there is an impress­ive and intriguing list; TV’s, DVD players/recorders, vacu­ums, Dualit cater­ing toast­ers, GHD hair stylers, Hi Fi equip­ment, Ken­wood chef mix­ers and remote con­trols. John explains most of his trade comes from repair­ing TVs, which are now more com­plic­ated than the old cath­ode ray tube sets. Cus­tom­ers bring their screen into the work­shop — this keeps repair costs down. And remote con­trols? They often get broken or over­used! Vacu­um clean­ers ? Well they should have a 5–10 year lifespan, but John says he fixes machines as young as 2 years. And what is the oddest appli­ance he has been asked to mend? He pauses, grins with the recol­lec­tion. A breast feed­ing pump! And yes, he did repair it.


Not sur­pris­ingly, Good­ways cus­tom­ers are almost exclus­ively from West Nor­wood. In fact, Good­ways has a loyal fol­low­ing some­times span­ning the gen­er­a­tions of local fam­il­ies. How so? Because it is one of West Norwood’s longest stand­ing busi­nesses, hav­ing exis­ted since the 1930s. It is even fea­tured in its former high street loc­a­tion in the charm­ing 1946 film, Suburban Weekend. Then known as Way­goods (note inspir­a­tion for the mod­ern day name), the busi­ness con­sisted of a elec­tric­al goods shop and a repair work­shop. The faded sign from its former glory days can still be seen on Chats­worth Way.


After study­ing at the since demol­ished Nor­wood Tech Col­lege, John star­ted work­ing at the ori­gin­al shop when he was 21. He recalls being asked to sell a kettle to 1970s TV per­son­al­ity Keith Cheg­win! Now, if you do need to visit with an ail­ing elec­tric­al appli­ance, don’t go in on a Wed­nes­day. That is when John is out and about doing CCTV and TV install­a­tions.

Good­ways Elec­tron­ics

27A Dalton street

SE27 9HS

Mon — Fri 9 to 5pm and Sat 9.30 to 4pm