West Norwood Revealed…

Have a look here to see what has already been entered!

FEAST is calling for your defining images of West Norwood; photos that capture the character of our area.

We are busy cre­at­ing an online gal­lery where we will exhib­it all entries. Every­one gets the chance to shine. It’s about tak­ing part and shar­ing pic­tures of where we live. As a bonus, we have three pro­fes­sion­al judges from the field of pho­to­graphy, Anna Hin­docha, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire and Pierre Alozie, who will select the win­ning pho­to­graphs. Local busi­nesses are kindly donat­ing prizes, which will be announced via social media.


You can enter pho­to­graphs of West Nor­wood under the fol­low­ing themes;

  • Com­munity
  • Fant­ast­ic and Strange
  • Street scenes


Each judge will be respons­ible for a theme. They will select the win­ning pho­to­graph and the run­ner up and will add a few lines say­ing what they liked about the pho­to­graph.


We are delighted to have the involve­ment of the fol­low­ing pho­to­graph­ers;

  • Anna Hin­docha, pho­to­graph­er
  • Her­mi­one Wilt­shire, seni­or pho­to­graphy lec­turer and fel­low at the Royal Col­lege of Art
  • Pierre Alozie, pho­to­journ­al­ist

Judges Biographies

Anna Hin­docha has been a pho­to­graph­er for twenty years, mainly spe­cial­ising in pho­to­graph­ing people. In 2014, her com­pany Warm Glow Photo became the first pho­to­graphy com­pany to win a Brand Amp­li­fi­er Award, as a res­ult of its unique approach to fam­ily por­trait pho­to­graphy. Anna has exhib­ited work at Pho­to­fu­sion, the ICA, the View­find­er Gal­lery, The Por­tico Gal­lery, the APT and The Foundry. She has also been short­l­is­ted for the Nation­al Tat­too Pho­to­graphy Awards and is a mem­ber of Lon­don Inde­pend­ent Pho­to­graphy. She received a BA in Pho­to­graph­ic and Digit­al Arts from the Uni­ver­sity of West­min­ster and was awar­ded a dis­tinc­tion in MA Pho­to­graphy from the Uni­ver­sity of the Cre­at­ive Arts at Rochester.

She proudly lives and works in West Nor­wood.


Anna will be judging the Com­munity theme.

Her­mi­one Wilt­shire was born in Lon­don and stud­ied Sculp­ture at Cent­ral school of art at BA level fol­lowed by an MA at Chelsea School of Art and Design. She was the Momart Fel­low at the Tate Gal­lery Liv­er­pool res­ult­ing in an exhib­i­tion at the Tate gal­lery Liv­er­pool called ‘Elect­ive Affin­it­ies’ as well as a schol­ar at the Brit­ish School of Rome and the recip­i­ent of many awards includ­ing G.L.A., Arts Coun­cil and a major award from The Arts Found­a­tion. Her work is in many major nation­al and inter­na­tion­al col­lec­tions includ­ing the Arts Coun­cil, the Walk­er Arts col­lec­tion, the MAK and Weltkunst Col­lec­tion.

Her prac­tice is Pho­to­graph­ic, sculp­tur­al, archi­tec­tur­al and per­form­ance based. Sub­jects addressed in her work are gender polit­ics of rep­res­ent­a­tion, rad­ic­al fem­in­ist the­ory, Mod­ern­ism, pub­lic space, the status of the pho­to­graph­ic image, psy­cho­ana­lys­is, dance, per­form­ance and music. Her cur­rent research interests are the mater­nal func­tion and cre­at­ive prac­tice in rela­tion to Mod­ern­ism, Expan­ded Pho­to­graphy and the Phys­ic­al Image. She has taught at numer­ous art schools nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally includ­ing Istan­bul, Tur­key and Italy and is cur­rently a seni­or lec­turer at the RCA, school of Fine Art, pho­to­graphy pro­gramme, where she is also a fel­low.


Her­mi­one will be judging the Fant­ast­ic and Strange theme.

Pierre Alozie is an autonom­ous Franco/Nigerian pho­to­journ­al­ist based in Lon­don who explores social, polit­ic­al and cul­tur­al issues with stills, video and mul­ti­me­dia. He has been a pho­to­graph­er since 1986, was self taught whilst liv­ing in Paris, his first work being in theatres pho­to­graph­ing the pro­duc­tions and doing por­traits of the act­ors. His interest in pho­to­journ­al­ism came with mov­ing to Ber­lin, Ger­many in 1988. Here he covered polit­ic­al and social events in the city and pub­lished his first pho­tos in Ber­lin news­pa­pers like the Tageszei­tung and Zitty. With the fall of the Ber­lin Wall, he was well placed to take advant­age of the city’s geo­graph­ic­al loc­a­tion.

He was in Prague for the Vel­vet Revolu­tion, in Romania, Bul­garia, and Kosovo in 1989, and covered the fall of Com­mun­ism. He sub­sequently returned to these areas to work and even­tu­ally covered the Balkan civil war in 1992, espe­cially the siege of Sara­jevo. These pho­to­graphs were pub­lished and exhib­ited in Ger­many and the USA. His career as a pho­to­graph­er has embraced many areas, includ­ing fash­ion pho­to­graphy, por­trait­ure, press and fine art pho­to­graphy. He has exhib­ited his work in gal­ler­ies in Ger­many, US and UK. He is part of the pho­to­graph­ers’ col­lect­ive F8 and FFR (Front­line Freel­ance Register) and speaks French and Eng­lish as a nat­ive speak­er as well as good Ger­man and Itali­an.

CalAid volunteers sort through a massive collection of donated cloths, shoes, toiletries and other goods, for the refugees and migrants in Calais

Pierre will be judging the Street Scenes theme.

Deadline for entries

Mid­night, 14 Novem­ber 2016

So get snap­ping!


All pho­to­graphs entered into the com­pet­i­tion will be exhib­ited to an online pub­lic gal­lery. Entries will be uploaded on a rolling basis.

FEAST will also pro­ject a selec­tion of entries at the Por­tico Gal­lery in Decem­ber.

The FEAST web­site will dis­play the win­ning pho­to­graphs with judges com­ments. Win­ning pho­to­graphs may pos­sibly be prin­ted and dis­played loc­ally next year.

Submission Rules

  • You may enter up to three pho­to­graphs (this can be all in one theme)
  • Open to all ages
  • Entries need to be sub­mit­ted by the dead­line of 14 Novem­ber 2016
  • By sub­mit­ting an entry you agree to the com­pet­i­tion terms!

How to Submit Your Photos

Please send your entries in by email to


  • Please send files as a JPEG.
  • Size no big­ger than 1.5MB.

In the mes­sage box, please provide your name, con­tact details, age if under 18 and the theme/s you are enter­ing under. (These details will not be passed to third parties).

Remem­ber to keep your large ori­gin­al file if you have one, because we may print win­ning pho­tos at a later date!

Competition Terms — the small print!

Judges’ decision is final!

Win­ners will be noti­fied by Wed­nes­day 23 Novem­ber via email. If there is no response from the win­ner with­in 3 days, anoth­er win­ner will be chosen.

By sub­mit­ting your entry, you agree that FEAST may rep­lic­ate and share your entry and name through its web­site, email news­let­ters and social media in rela­tion to the com­pet­i­tion.  FEAST reserve the right to print a selec­tion of pho­to­graphs at a later stage.

You are the sole copy­right owner and cre­at­or of the images sub­mit­ted.

FEAST reserves the right to dis­qual­i­fy any inap­pro­pri­ate images.

Pho­to­graphs should not infringe copy­right or per­son­al pri­vacy. As a guide; for street scenes it is fine to take gen­er­al shots of people, includ­ing chil­dren. How­ever, you should not use a tele­photo lens to take pho­to­graphs of people in places they expect to be private, like their gar­dens. For non street shots, per­mis­sions should be sought where appro­pri­ate (that might include ask­ing the owner of a pub­lic venue as well as the sub­ject of the pho­to­graph).


Any quer­ies, please email; competitions@westnorwoodfeast.com