The weather hadn’t been that good in a long time – clear skies, bright sunshine and a sense that maybe, just maybe, the August Feast might break the long-standing tradition of rainy weather.

Then it rained. And rained some more. It rained until Knight’s Hill had a river of water gushing across its surface, until the grass was sodden, until the gleam of a Feast hi-vis was but a glimmer, sandwiched between bodies desperately seeking shelter under a gazebo.

But that’s the funny thing about Feast – despite the rain and the cold and the fact that we’d all actually dressed for much warmer weather (what with it being August and everything), everyone still had a good time. Eventually, the sun did come out, and kids played and hopped on space hoppers, and the bar sold its award-winning cider to thirsty customers, and food was enjoyed, music listened to, a hog roasted, and the Gardeners Corner looked so lush and green that somehow the rain didn’t matter anymore.

Feast has always been and always will be more than just a market – it’s a place to meet new people and old friends, a place to share ideas and gain new ones, and it’s something we do to make West Norwood a better place to be, even if it’s just for that one day.

So, for the next Feast on 2nd September, bring a brolly, a waterproof and probably some wellies, and come and enjoy a day that we hope adds something good to the community each month.