Winter is a time of hibernation

Even in West Nor­wood. Get­ting out of bed is hard, going to bed later than 8pm seems late, the anim­als have retreated to their warm, dark homes and we are nat­ur­ally drawn to cre­at­ing fugs, and drink­ing too much. Our last and great Feast of the year went by in a week­end of winter won­der and now its time to hibern­ate.

When I say hibern­ate, I am refer­ring to us — we might be feel­ing the need but not the The West Nor­wood Feast. There is NO hiberna­tion for the Beast that is Feast.

Check out p24.

The West Nor­wood Feast con­tin­ues to roll and move and grow come rain and shine thanks to all the volun­teers, store hold­ers, spon­sors, com­munity, shop keep­ers, shop­pers and its also thanks to ALL that it is now refus­ing to hibern­ate.

Happy Christ­mas to one and all.

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