Feast Flyer July

July 2014 has just about the most sport in it that a human resident of this sceptred isle can handle – the World Cup, the Tour de France (which has some biking action in England), the Commonwealth Games and Wimbledon – all in one summer month. It makes us tired just thinking about it. But not so tired that we didn’t make an effort and theme some of what’s happening at FEAST this Sunday around sport (as if you hadn’t had enough already).

The very first thing you need to do this Sunday is get your cheeks painted with your favourite sporting nation’s flag.

Come to the children’s activities table at either the Food Fair or Artisans and one of our lovely volunteers will paint the flag of your choice (though we might just draw the line at the flag of Swaziland…).

And yes, we do know it’s the Wimbledon final on Sunday 6 July… but don’t stay at boring old home to watch it, come along to FEAST! In the garden at St Luke’s we will have a massive radio tuned to the tennis so you can sit and listen to whether Murray (?!) treats us all to another nail biting final. Whilst munching on a strawberry and cream filled cake and teeth-sieving the vegetation out of a Pimms. We’d call that ‘love all’, we would.

Have you got a freedom pass?

Yes? Good oh, then you’ll enjoy FEAST this month. If you haven’t already seen one of these little flyers about, then here’s a look. 

Come along to Artisans and share your memories of West Norwood with our volunteers and help create a Memory Book. While you’re there, how does a free cuppa and slice of delicious cake (courtesy of The Cupcake Shop and FEAST) sound? Pretty darned good, yeah? If you have a Freedom Pass, that is.

If you aren’t lucky enough to own one of these yet, you will be forced to pay for your liquid refreshments – but oh what refreshments. Fresh & Green (along both sides of Norwood Road now) has Kyonocha coming along this month who are selling a select range of Chines and Japanese teas and teaware (presume that means cups and teapots). And a man called Phillip Rogers will be there with his freshly made fruit juices.

All your usual foodie favourites will be at FEAST this Sunday – plus a couple of newbies up at the Food Fair. Bare Bones Cue are coming along with pulled pork in various housings, and Owl’s Kitchen too. Not 100% sure what the owl does in its kitchen, but that’s good enough a reason to go along and find out.

Get those legs moving

A thing not to be missed this FEAST is the Zumba demonstration at 2pm on the steps of St Luke’s. This is being bought to you by a lot of energetic high kicking West Norwood women (who happen to be pensioners) with the aid of just some music and the odd chair.

They are followed by the incomparable South London Samba who will be banging their drums till the end of play. You can also shake a leg to various other free entertainments at FEAST: DJ Luke will be spinning some more tunes at Artisans, with old faves Steve and the Hats playing from 11.45am followed by a new to FEAST act, Uffington 357.

Talking leg action, do you have a bike that you never use? Why is this? It is surely not because you are too unfit / stiff / lazy to get it out. No, it is because it has a flat tyre / frayed brake cables / slipping gears / is lethal (select appropriate option).

Never fear, Dr Bike is here! These lovely guys from Lambeth will be at Retro with their bike repair kits to fix your old bone shaker up – for free!

And if you don’t have a bike, how about Try Before You Bike, a bike loan scheme from Lambeth. You can find out more from the Dr Bikers. There are simply no excuses now.

While the old bike is getting a servicing it won’t forget, you can browse all the Retro regulars. The Book Crossing has been restocked and Rosebery’s will have their valuer there to check out your relics. Or just bring along a flask of tea and read the Sunday papers.

What goes on in the Portico Gallery?

Ever been curious? For those who first watched telly in the 70s, the Portico is very like Mr Ben’s shop. If you would like to know what kind of weird and utterly wonderful stuff goes on behind the tidy shop front of 23A Knight’s Hill, pop in on Sunday. We can’t promise a Changing Room or magic portal to adventure, but answers you will find…