June FEAST is all about the dance

Feast Flyer_June 2014_A5 Flyer_v2

Spring is no longer in the air, it now almost sum­mer. This is why it is rain­ing. But we have it on good authority that by Sunday the skies will be clear and all of you will be shed­ding the wel­lies and macs and com­ing to FEAST for your monthly fix of stuff to buy and people to hang out with.

Espe­cially for you, this month’s FEAST is themed around dance. Along with the usual FEAST­ie offer­ings, you will be enter­tained by these guys here all kit­ted out in the 50s way and dan­cing where else… but at Retro? Rose (aka Vin­tage Auntie) will be spin­ning her gramo­phone records all day in the car park at Rosebery’s but at 12.30 she will be drop­ping some tunes for the dan­cers from Swingland and the South­side Strut­ters to lindy hop to — do not miss. 

Shortly after that, the likes of Diamond Jive who will be hurl­ing them­selves about in swirly skirts and suede shoes on the steps of St Luke’s all after­noon. At 1.30pm they will be teach­ing the kids how to do “the stroll”…no…no idea either, this is what it is. And at 2pm it will be YOUR TURN — for yes, you too will be tak­ing part.

And for the wallflowers…

If dan­cing is not your thing (and let’s face it, it’s not every small’s wish to see Dad Dan­cing), then com­fort yourselves with the food­ie offer­ings we have for you.

Fresh and Green along Nor­wood Road is no longer just wall­flowers and garden­ing gloves, it is rivalling Herne Hill nowadays with what it offers its West Nor­wood punters. This month there’s lots of new people too — here they are! Mr Muffin (sadly not his real name) will be com­ing for the first time with his savoury and sweet muffins and his lovely bike.

Carob Pod will also be at FEAST for the first time this June and are offer­ing you a selec­tion of Medi­ter­ranean themed savoury foods, cakes, homemade marmalades and jams. New­bies (to FEAST) too are Fruition Pre­serves with their artis­an ketch­ups and com­potes. On only their second out­ings to FEAST there will be Cocoa Deco with the chocs to die for, Greenz with their scrump­tious savoury and sweet vegan foods and fant­ast­ic mango lasso (who also have a res­taur­ant by Tulse Hill sta­tion) and the Lon­don Cheese­mon­gers with their wide vari­ety of hearty cheeses. And big beards.This month we have so many new stalls we’re even spill­ing across the road to Beam­ish & McGlue.

Free stuff to do…

Apart from the usual kids’ activ­it­ies and live music, we have anoth­er free treat for you. If you enjoyed the East­er egg hunt, then you’ll love this. Col­lect one of these from one of the hubs and see if you can guess where the pho­tos are taken from. You can? Then you might just win a MASSIVE BAG OF POPCORN!!!

You can also value your rel­ics!
Rosebery’s the Auc­tion­eers (where Retro is) will be open on the day from 11am to 3pm. If you are curi­ous about your curios or would like some­thing val­ued, please do bring it along or take a photo of it for the valu­ers to look at. You can bring any­thing but there will be a jew­ellery, sil­ver and tex­tiles expert as well as a pic­ture spe­cial­ist.

Who needs Antiques Road­show?

Things to buy…

There will be over 20 artists, design­ers and makers at Artisan’s Mar­ket this month who will be selling their old favour­ites but also intro­du­cing new stuff, too. Not for Grown Ups will be launch­ing their new sum­mer t-shirt designs and Make A State­ment have a new range of jew­ellery all hand­made from recycled vin­tage bis­cuit and sweet tins. Not from vin­tage bis­cuits and sweets. Just the tins. Juan is Dead (what a name) also has some new tea tow­els, coast­ers and a sail­or skel­et­on? I’d go down there just to check that one out.Sold will also be there with their graph­ic print t-shirts and silk-screen prints, Paper­moon too with their whim­sic­al designs as prints, home­wares & sta­tion­ery. And it wouldn’t be the same if Hairy Jayne wasn’t at FEAST with her hand­made hair care products that hairy people swear by.
Nikki from The Cup­cake Shop will be selling scones with clot­ted cream and jam this month (yummy) along­side other delights includ­ing a chocol­ate glu­ten free cake.


And finally…

…you’ll all be delighted to know that Annie, the cute 1948 ice cream van, will be back and selling her deli­cious (not at all vin­tage) ice creams. What more could you ask of your FEAST, West Norwood?Get on your dan­cing shoes and see you all this Sunday!