West Norwood FEAST has a range of equipment available to rent for events. We work in partnership with Gladiator Removals, a local company who are fully trained, licensed and insured to handle all our equipment safely and efficiently. So if you’re looking to put on a street market or a one off event and want to hire 10 stalls or more, you’ve come to the right place.

2 x 3 metre gazebos

We have 100 new gazebos for hire in a variety of colours. These can easily accommodate one or two 6ft tables, which we also have for hire. Very compact and mobile, these structures are super strong and can be linked together in many different configurations with waterproof joins.




We also have the following equipment:

example 8x6 Walkin Stall

2.43 x 1.82 metres (8ft x 6ft) Walk in Stalls

These are very popular for clothes stalls, larger good or can fit 3 trestle tables in a horse shoe shape to maximise your sales area.

We also have food hygiene safe plastic folding tables.

example 7x8 Table Top Stall

2.13 x 2.43 metres (7ft x 8ft) Table Top Stalls

With a table surface of 7’ x 2’6” and a canopy that offers both the seller and the customer nearly 3’ of cover each side of the table. Popular for food sale and small gifts e.g. Jewellery


Get a Quote

If you would like to rent 10 or more items of the FEAST equipment, simply email us on hello@westnorwoodfeast.com with your requirements and someone will get back to you shortly with a quote.