Toilets with disabled access

St Luke’s Church

West Norwood Leisure Centre 25 Devane Way, SE27 0DF

Knowles of Norwood 294-296 Norwood Road, SE27 9AF

West Norwood Old Library, 16 Knight’s Hill, SE27 0HY

More toilets are located at

The Portico Gallery 23a Knights Hill, SE27 0HS

Book & Record Bar 20 Norwood High Street, SE27 9NR


Can I hand out my flyers at Feast?

If you wish to leave flyers or advertise at any of the five Feast hubs, you will need to get permission before the event by emailing with details of your flyer/advertisment.

As a rule we do not accept anything of a political or religious nature or businesses that cannot be vouched for.

We are happy to display leaflets for community events ​or local not for profit organisations. We will only display/promote private businesses if they have offered services/activities​ ​for free to the Feast going public i.e. children’s activities. This will have been agreed previously via the coordinator.

We request that authorised leafletters do not leaflet by the entrance to St Luke’s gardens next to the Feast HQ hub as it causes a bottleneck and nuisance to those attending Feast. Organisations wanting to leaflet the Feast-going public are asked to go to the junction of Knights Hill and Devane Way near the Family Wellbeing hub and leaflet there.

Please note, if you turn up hoping to advertise on a Feast day without prior notice, we will have to decline.

How do I get involved?

Every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm, we have an open meeting at Knowles along Norwood Road. Come along and join us for a couple of hours to meet the groups organising the market and find out how you can get involved.

If you can’t make Tuesday nights, make sure you sign up to our newsletter so we can keep you informed about other ways to be part of the Feast.


I want to have a market stall – how do I get one?

There are five marketplace hubs at the West Norwood Feast, each with its own focus. If you’re interested in having a stall, please visit this page for more information or contact the appropriate group:

As a stallholder, you will need Public Liability Insurance cover. If you don’t have this already, the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association offer a suitable policy for £48/yr.


When will the next market be?

Feast takes place the first Sunday of the month, come rain or shine April-December.



How are you going to spread the word?

Local volunteers have been talking to businesses, organisations and residents around West Norwood. We’re keen to make the Feast a celebration of all the great things already going on in this part of South London, bringing together local people and attracting new visitors to the area. If you have ideas or suggestions for other ways we should be spreading the word, please get in touch.

If you use Twitter or Instagram and want to spread the message about Feast, please use the hashtag #westnorwoodfeast