FEAST August Flyer

It’s August already and the FEAST is upon us!

There’s no need to travel to distant climes, just staycation in West Norwood. The weather is baking hot and you have your very own mini festival happening this Sunday in your neighbourhood!

What’s on at FEAST this month?

For all you foodies loitering in the garden at St Luke’s, we have some fresh faced visitors from other parts of Feast; the Cupcake Shop from Artisans, with all the gorgeous pretty cakes, and Carob Pod from Fresh’n’Green. These guys will be serving a range of products including Greek savoury treats. Heads up: their courgette and lemon curd cake is to DIE FOR, let’s hope they make some. We also have the Wheat Free kitchen for all you wheat intolerants and Margosa Dining are returning with their Sri Lankan curry. All the regular traders (who aren’t inconveniently on their holidays) will be there too.

Retro is bigger this month due to lack of skips and clutter in the car park at Rosebery’s (yay) and there will be all the usual colourful crockery, stylish clothing and Ladybird books. There’s a new local kid on the block this August, Pitou Preloved, selling her reworked vintage heirlooms, all of which are one of a kind. Get yourself one.

The auction house will be open for valuations again this Sunday from 11am-3pm so dig out your granny’s silver and china because this time there’s expert Richard Gibbon (silver, jewellery, fashion and textiles valuer) and Lisa Haadem (a ceramics valuer) on hand to tell you what they are worth.

For those of you who love a tune of the crackling vinyl kind, spinning at 33 1/3, you’ll be pleased to hear that Vintage Auntie will be louder this month. She’s bought an amp for her gramophones, finally bringing their sounds into the 21st century…

The Happening

You thought this kind of thing only happened in the 60s? Oh, how wrong could you be… West Norwood has its very own Happening happening on FEAST day in the Portico. Pop in and find out all  you ever wished to know about the local organisations, charities and artists operating in your neighbourhood. There will be visual presentations in the gallery, stalls showcasing local makers and suppliers and talks by groups and individuals about all that is HAPPENING in West Norwood. Some of it you wouldn’t believe. And added bonus, there will even be beer (locally brewed, of course).

Pothole Gardening

There will be some miniature gardening going on this weekend if you care to take your miniature gardening tools out.

Steve the pothole gardener, Openworks and FEAST are collaborating to create ‘tiny moments of curiosity and happiness on the high street’. If you are worried that the little gardens won’t last long in a pothole (especially now as West Norwood doesn’t have any), it’s not about planting gardens in the middle of the road, people. It’s about making little gardens in niches and nooks and the cracks in the pavements.

If you represent a local organisation, then come along to the workshop on Saturday at L’Arche and create one! We have seen the wincy furniture on the Openworks desk at the Portico and we can’t wait to do one. Keep an eye out on Sunday for some hidden mini gardens secreted about FEAST…There will also be a FEAST pothole garden treasure trail, the one who spots them all and wins the draw gets their very own GARDEN (mini).

And if you want to have a go at creating one yourself, there will be an opportunity at FEAST at St Luke’s from 12-2pm. Please bring along wincy doll’s house furniture, teeny flowers, widdly stones, mini twigs, even the odd lego person and take home your very own pothole garden. Or better still, plant it somewhere odd where people least expect it. 

Fun Palaces at FEAST

Working ahead here, there’s an appeal from Sarah, the coordinator of the Norwood Fun Palace event on the 4th & 5th October 2014 in Tulse Hill and West Norwood. The weekend is about locally curated and accessible activities and performances on an arts and sciences theme – focusing on plants and food. On Sunday the event will connect with West Norwood Feast. They’re looking for volunteers so get involved!

Apparently rumour has it they will be doing science experiments on Norwood Road. We’re all well up for that.

See you at FEAST, fine Feasties!