Who needs to go away in August when you have your own festival of holiday fun at home in West Norwood this Sunday? The weather will be of the kindly British variety and even some of the Feast volunteers and traders (who are not sunning themselves on beaches, drinking French wine or climbing mountains) will be getting into the holiday spirit with you – spot the Kiss me Quick hats and ‘gone on holiday’ stalls…

What’s happening at Feast?

There will be ‘holiday themed fun’ for the kids at the picnic & play area by the leisure centre (who KNOWS what this entails… but it’s got to involve a swing ball at some point, surely?). If you want your nippers to be able to parlez on your holidays to foreign climes, award winning language tuition La Jolie Ronde are coming to West Norwood leisure centre – and there’s a 15% discount for those clever peeps that sign up on Feast day…

We have all the usual entertainment on Sunday and some new performers besides. Listen out for the Americana inspired rock band Fire at Will who will be at a St Luke’s followed by the intriguingly named Derek’s Vibes Duo (who even more intriguingly do ‘Nu-Free Jazz’).

At Fresh & Green they have a new stall selling mangoes and mango products, called Ecopeace. The mangoes it sells are sustainably grown and ethically traded and unlike many other places, they are not forcibly ripened using chemicals. What could be better than that? Oh, they come from a small town in Senegal called Pout 🙂

Feast is volunteer powered

Did you even know this!?!

It is difficult to tell because the whole event is so brilliant, but Feast runs almost entirely on volunteer goodwill, experience and time. We ALWAYS need help (especially in holiday season!) and now and then we reach out for a hand. There will be banners on all the hubs appealing for more people like YOU (pointy Kitcheneresque finger here) to get involved.

It can just be for a couple of hours helping out during Feast days, right down to complex roles like website editor and merchandise coordinator. If you think you can help, please email us on hello@westnorwoodfeast.com or sign up on the day.

Feast Film Nights

… are having a holiday in August. But they will be back in September with an almost world premier – a quite extraordinary film, Jodorowsky’s Dune.

Here’s a trailer of what its all about. If you want to know more, pop into the Portico Gallery during Feast day or look out for Feast Film Night volunteers on a recruitment drive at Feast. You can also like us on Facebook or check the Feast website for programme details – coming soon!

See you at Feast!