Scientific Feasting

That’s what we got for you this Sunday, people of West Norwood. There will be science experiments galore for everyone to do and a whole host of entertainments for you all – for freeeeeeeee!!

At Artisans there will be potato stabbing (we kid you not), straw bending (with YOUR EYES), tasting without smell (tricky apparently) and enough cornflour and food colouring to make a non-Newtonian substance…

At Family Wellbeing they are actually building rockets. For real. If you don’t believe us, get up there with your kids and find out. There will be scientists from Imperial College there too from lunchtime, telling you about dopamine levels and brains and stuff. And the fine chaps from Maths Explorers will be showing you cool maths & science games involving electricity and something fabulous called a scribble bot.

The PoetrySlabs people have all sorts going on too (and not just for kids either) – check them out.

Let us entertain you…again

And if all that free stuff wasn’t enough, here’s what acts we have on – note two NEW choirs and the much anticipated return of the wonderful Leamington’s Band!

ents May

Foodie feasting

If you’ve done all the science and now you are hungry, well of course, Feast has it covered. We have all your favourites at Fresh & Green and the Food Fair and look how the lovely ladies at Bunting & Pops have gone with the science theme this month…

We have more food stalls at the leisure centre and SUPER SCORE… Drum & Kernel popcorn will be there too!  (Treatsville Alabama, we know, no escaping those delicious tubes of salty sweetness).

There’ll be lots for you too browse and buy at Artisans and Retro too, just take your time and enjoy your lovely Feast-ival.

What a Performance!

Feast Film Nights is bringing you “an evening of English psychedelia” on the night before Feast, ladies and gents (that’s Saturday 30 April). Not only do they have Nic Roeg’s 70’s classic Performance, but also the band Arrowe Hill are performing live (and who are, according to the internet, the most haunted band in the land…)

See you at Feast!