Has anyone noticed the plants nestled under the roadside trees on our car laden high street? You know the thing – small, brightly coloured, occasionly perfumed and located about foot height?

They are little nuggets of joy scattered along our high street and were concieved at our very first West Norwood Feast back in April by the enigmatic Guerilla Gardener Richard Reynolds http://www.guerrillagardening.org/index.html. He pulled up in his MG, soil and seeds and a mate in tow, and within a blink of an eye the dreary, dead looking tree beds down by the Gardening market had been turned into living soil beds of new life. It felt like magic, and people seemed to dance wildly in the April wind to the giddy tune of new life. No, seriously.

This weekend (2nd October) we – the Gardening Hub gang – are going to be nuturing these special beds and ensuring that they are fully equipped for the colder months ahead. We are going to begin at 2pm and welcome anyone or anything – watering cans, water, shovels, hands, soil, jokes, dancing, sports cars – wishing to add to the occasion of the nuturing of these special plants.

Until Sunday !