1. How did you get into music?
I got an electric guitar when I was 16, and formed a school band with friends. We played two gigs – and it was amazingly exciting. In retrospect we were fairly bad – but in our minds we were stars….

2. What made you decide to start performing?
I love songs and tunes – and want other people to hear them. And I’m secretly a show-off.

3. What’s your day job?
I work in the NHS

4. Are you a West Norwood local?
Nearly – I live in East Dulwich, but I know West Norwood quite well

5. What brings you back to FEAST each month?
I like the idea of the Feast, and would like to do what I can to support it. Since I don’t make anything, music is what I can contribute. And the organisers are lovely!

6. What’s next for you?
Writing, recording and performing in our band – Nunhead Folk Circle (www.nunheadfolkcircle.com). We’re also getting into playing for ceilidhs and barn dances – this is great fun, but hard work!

7. What tips would you give to someone starting out as a performer?
I think finding somewhere “safe” to try it out is good – you could try folk clubs, likewww.thegooseisout.com where they have a “sing around” in the pub. Anyone and everyone is welcome to sing a song and everyone’s singing is valued – it’s a very accepting environment to have a go!

Make sure you check Matt out at the next FEAST!