An interview with young rock band Tempted

1. How did you get into music?

Chris­toph­er and Craig star­ted learn­ing gui­tar at age 7 and Nata­sha star­ted learn­ing piano at age 10 and later star­ted learn­ing gui­tar. Chris and Nata­sha then joined a music club called Kidz ‘N’ Rock where they got to per­form with other musi­cians their age. Ebruba, our new bassist star­ted learn­ing the bass 18 months ago.

2. What made you decide to start a band?

Nata­sha and Chris were ori­gin­ally part of anoth­er band which didn’t work out and Chris and Craig star­ted a few other bands which also didn’t work out and we ended up with Temp­ted!

3. What’s your day job?

We are all stu­dents.

4. Are you a West Nor­wood local?

Chris and Nata­sha live in Tulse Hill. Ebruba lives in West Nor­wood. Craig lives near Gatwick so he has quite a long way to travel!

5. What brings you back to FEAST each month?

We like get­ting feed­back from the audi­ence and it gives us an exper­i­ence where we learn what went wrong and what went well and improve so that every time we come back we can per­form bet­ter and bet­ter!

6. What’s next for you?

We’re plan­ning to record an album soon, we don’t have a title yet but that will be decided once we’ve got all our songs up to scratch. We also would like to get more gigs around the coun­try to build up a fan base.

7. What tips would you give to someone think­ing of start­ing a band?

What you need to make sure is that there is chem­istry between the band mem­bers because it wouldn’t be help­ful if you were fight­ing all the time. You also need to make sure that every single one of you is ded­ic­ated. No slack­ing! You guys need each other and if one of you goes wrong it could throw the whole band off, though some­times nerves get the best of us and we tend to make mis­takes but that’s okay because the nerves will get bet­ter. Anoth­er thing is, when you’re on stage enjoy your­self and look like you’re enjoy­ing your­self because if you enjoy your­self the audi­ence will enjoy them­selves too!

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