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There are five marketplace hubs at the West Norwood Feast, each with its own focus.

If you’re interested in having a stall, please fill out the form below. This will be forwarded to the volunteer Hub Leader(s) responsible for the Hub you apply to.

If you feel your stall is unique or of a superior standard, we encourage you to apply.

However, please note that in some cases, we have an oversupply of particular types of stall, and in most cases we do not have space for traders who use vehicles. Please see below for more details.

  • Food Fair: At the moment, we are getting a lot of applications to the Food Fair so please do not be disappointed if we are not able to offer stalls to everyone who applies. The more detail you can give us about your menu, the better idea we will have of how you could fit into Feast. Please note we have very limited access to electric power so if you need to use electricity we may not be able to accommodate you.
  • Artisans’ Market: We are happy to consider any stalls selling arts, crafts and everything handmade but please do include your price range when you apply.
  • Fresh ‘n’ Green: We aim to have a variety of stalls with the emphasis on good quality fresh produce (meat, fruit & veg, cheese, olives) sourced from local producers where possible. We also feature fresh juices, pickles and preserves, teas from around the world, plants and flowers and fresh popcorn, as well as a children’s book stall. If you think you may fit in to Fresh n Green, please do contact us to discuss.
  • Retro Village: If you sell good-quality vintage or retro goods, such as clothing (especially for gentlemen), small pieces of furniture, books or other curated collections of preloved items, we are potentially interested in your application. At the moment, we have a good range of crockery, greetings cards and women’s clothing.
  • Family Wellbeing Hub: This is based outside the West Norwood Health & Leisure Centre and has a mix of food and craft stalls, with the emphasis on families, healthy living and affordability! We’d like hot food traders at this hub to offer at least one dish at £5 or less and where appropriate, child sized / priced portions. If you do not think your set up can offer this, please get in touch. The area is very child friendly, with a ‘picnic & play’ area on the grass where Feast sponsors play workers and free children’s activities. Contact

As a stallholder, you will need Public Liability Insurance cover. If you don’t have this already, the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association offer a suitable policy for £48/yr.

Payment details will be forwarded to you once your stall is confirmed, at time of writing (10/03/2017) cost of a stall is £59 at the Food Hub and £36 at all other hubs.

Once your form is submitted, it will be sent to the hub leader responsible for booking stalls at the hub you have applied to.

Please note that due to the high number of applications received, it may not be possible to reply to all forms directly; however all suitable applicants will be added to our waiting list.

Community Stall

Feast is proud to offer a limited number of community stalls, free of charge to local charities, community groups and non profit organisations who wish to engage with the visitors at Feast.  To apply for a community stall, please contact

Flyering at FEAST

If you wish to leave flyers or advertise at any of the five Feast hubs, you will need to get permission before the event by emailing with details of your flyer/advertisment.
As a rule we do not accept anything of a political or religious nature or businesses that cannot be vouched for.
We are happy to display leaflets for community events ​or local not for profit organisations. We will only display/promote private businesses if they have offered services/activities​ ​for free to the Feast going public i.e. children’s activities. This will have been agreed previously via the coordinator.
We request that authorised leafletters do not leaflet by the entrance to St Luke’s gardens next to the Feast HQ hub as it causes a bottleneck and nuisance to those attending Feast. Organisations wanting to leaflet the Feast-going public are asked to go to the junction of Knights Hill and Devane Way near the Family Wellbeing hub and leaflet there. 

Please note, if you turn up hoping to advertise on a Feast day without prior notice, we will have to decline. 


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