August FEAST staycation

FEAST August Flyer

It’s August already and the FEAST is upon us!

There’s no need to travel to dis­tant climes, just stayc­a­tion in West Nor­wood. The weath­er is bak­ing hot and you have your very own mini fest­iv­al hap­pen­ing this Sunday in your neigh­bour­hood!

What’s on at FEAST this month?

For all you food­ies loiter­ing in the garden at St Luke’s, we have some fresh faced vis­it­ors from other parts of Feast; the Cupcake Shop from Artis­ans, with all the gor­geous pretty cakes, and Carob Pod from Fresh’n’Green. These guys will be serving a range of products includ­ing Greek savoury treats. Heads up: their cour­gette and lemon curd cake is to DIE FOR, let’s hope they make some. We also have the Wheat Free kit­chen for all you wheat intol­er­ants and Mar­gosa Din­ing are return­ing with their Sri Lankan curry. All the reg­u­lar traders (who aren’t incon­veni­ently on their hol­i­days) will be there too.

Retro is big­ger this month due to lack of skips and clut­ter in the car park at Rosebery’s (yay) and there will be all the usual col­our­ful crock­ery, styl­ish cloth­ing and Lady­bird books. There’s a new local kid on the block this August, Pitou Preloved, selling her reworked vin­tage heir­looms, all of which are one of a kind. Get your­self one.

The auc­tion house will be open for valu­ations again this Sunday from 11am-3pm so dig out your granny’s sil­ver and china because this time there’s expert Richard Gib­bon (sil­ver, jew­ellery, fash­ion and tex­tiles valu­er) and Lisa Haa­dem (a ceram­ics valu­er) on hand to tell you what they are worth.

For those of you who love a tune of the crack­ling vinyl kind, spin­ning at 33 1/3, you’ll be pleased to hear that Vin­tage Auntie will be louder this month. She’s bought an amp for her gramo­phones, finally bring­ing their sounds into the 21st cen­tury…

The Happening

You thought this kind of thing only happened in the 60s? Oh, how wrong could you be… West Nor­wood has its very own Happening hap­pen­ing on FEAST day in the Por­tico. Pop in and find out all  you ever wished to know about the local organ­isa­tions, char­it­ies and artists oper­at­ing in your neigh­bour­hood. There will be visu­al present­a­tions in the gal­lery, stalls show­cas­ing local makers and sup­pli­ers and talks by groups and indi­vidu­als about all that is HAPPENING in West Nor­wood. Some of it you wouldn’t believe. And added bonus, there will even be beer (loc­ally brewed, of course).

Pothole Gardening

There will be some mini­ature garden­ing going on this week­end if you care to take your mini­ature garden­ing tools out.

Steve the pothole garden­er, Open­works and FEAST are col­lab­or­at­ing to cre­ate ‘tiny moments of curi­os­ity and hap­pi­ness on the high street’. If you are wor­ried that the little gar­dens won’t last long in a pothole (espe­cially now as West Nor­wood doesn’t have any), it’s not about plant­ing gar­dens in the middle of the road, people. It’s about mak­ing little gar­dens in niches and nooks and the cracks in the pave­ments.

If you rep­res­ent a local organ­isa­tion, then come along to the workshop on Saturday at L’Arche and cre­ate one! We have seen the wincy fur­niture on the Open­works desk at the Por­tico and we can’t wait to do one. Keep an eye out on Sunday for some hid­den mini gar­dens secreted about FEAST…There will also be a FEAST pothole garden treas­ure trail, the one who spots them all and wins the draw gets their very own GARDEN (mini).

And if you want to have a go at cre­at­ing one your­self, there will be an oppor­tun­ity at FEAST at St Luke’s from 12–2pm. Please bring along wincy doll’s house fur­niture, teeny flowers, widdly stones, mini twigs, even the odd lego per­son and take home your very own pothole garden. Or bet­ter still, plant it some­where odd where people least expect it. 

Fun Palaces at FEAST

Work­ing ahead here, there’s an appeal from Sarah, the coordin­at­or of the Norwood Fun Palace event on the 4th & 5th Octo­ber 2014 in Tulse Hill and West Nor­wood. The week­end is about loc­ally cur­ated and access­ible activ­it­ies and per­form­ances on an arts and sci­ences theme — focus­ing on plants and food. On Sunday the event will con­nect with West Nor­wood Feast. They’re look­ing for volun­teers so get involved!

Appar­ently rumour has it they will be doing sci­ence exper­i­ments on Nor­wood Road. We’re all well up for that.

See you at FEAST, fine Feast­ies!