Please see below a fantastic Blog from one of our regular Feasties – Wei…..

I got involved with West Norwood Feast through jive dancing at Diamond Jive a regular club at the Railway Tavern pub in Tulse Hill. Then I volunteered my amateur photographic and video skills for Feast organisers in the process. And eventually got a stall in the Artisans market in July. I loved it so much I got an Artisan stall again for August.
Although I don’t live in West Norwood or even ever visited the place. Suddenly I wanted to be a part of this great community.
It somehow had so much to offer. Through the jive dancing I made alot of friends and joined a great social network which I like to call the jive family.

And then the West Norwood Feast became an extension of that.
I went to the Tuesday meeting at the Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill and there was such a buzz and excitement in preparation for August Feast. I couldn’t stress the fact that everyone a volunteer involved was in it for the love of their community and absolute faith and dedication in making Feast happen.

You just couldn’t help, but be inspired by that!

For example Lucy had managed to get a new look flyer designed and printed advertising Feast sponsored by Winkworths. During the meeting everyone volunteered to help distribute them at train stations. flyer.pdf

Then I found myself volunteering to write this blog post. (ha,ha)
So here I am again getting organised for my stall at Feast on Sunday.
Known as ” JUST FOR YOU ZINE ” is also my hobby in self-publication project.
I was inspired by my friend Sarah who is an artist. She is extremely talented yet shy. She makes beautiful photographic and textile work inspired by vintage imagery and ephemera. All this work is made and displayed in a bureau in her bedroom but never gets seen.
So I wanted to make a zine about people I knew like her but also put together with people who were also talented in other ways.

The zine was simple in format whereby I interviewed 10 people with 10 questions and made 10 copies to sell at zine fairs not for profit but just for you!
For those who don’t know anything about zines look at:
Thus, the market stall encompassed this concept. Whereby I invited the people I knew, to sell their wares there.

For example I will be selling original prints by my friend Amanda Smith who is currently working on illustrations for a children’s book she is writing featuring her two daughters.
place photo of amanda smith print here*delete
I also have a selection of original portrait paintings by artist Anna Siemaszko.
Sarah Holt who I mentioned was my inspiration will have some handmade purses made from vintage and hand printed fabric.
At July Artisan market I invited Flatfoot Johnny to sell and play his handcrafted banjos at my stall and he has confirmed he will make an appearance again!

I will be selling handmade jewellery and accessories by designer Helen Stay crafted from sourced, recycled fabrics and materials. I have purchased a cool necklace from her collection myself and will be wearing it on the day.

As another extra at August Feast I will be setting up a table by my stall to make bunting for the Feast organisers. Everyone is welcome to make bunting, bring your own materials or use whats available on the day. There will be a great “Bun-ting Off” at Feast HQ in Food Fair!
Yes and of course I will be jive dancing in Retro Village at 2pm with the other diamond jivers.
So come join us at Feast on Sunday. Whether you are coming for the delicious food, beautiful artwork, vintage fashion, a potted plant or a bit of a jive. There is so much to experience and gain either as a visitor or as a volunteer. Enjoy the Feast!