My experience with West Norwood Feast by Wei Yee Cheung

Please see below a fant­ast­ic Blog from one of our reg­u­lar Feast­ies — Wei.….

I got involved with West Nor­wood Feast through jive dan­cing at Dia­mond Jive a reg­u­lar club at the Rail­way Tav­ern pub in Tulse Hill. Then I volun­teered my ama­teur pho­to­graph­ic and video skills for Feast organ­isers in the pro­cess. And even­tu­ally got a stall in the Artis­ans mar­ket in July. I loved it so much I got an Artis­an stall again for August.
Although I don’t live in West Nor­wood or even ever vis­ited the place. Sud­denly I wanted to be a part of this great com­munity.
It some­how had so much to offer. Through the jive dan­cing I made alot of friends and joined a great social net­work which I like to call the jive fam­ily.

And then the West Nor­wood Feast became an exten­sion of that.
I went to the Tues­day meet­ing at the Rail­way Tav­ern in Tulse Hill and there was such a buzz and excite­ment in pre­par­a­tion for August Feast. I couldn’t stress the fact that every­one a volun­teer involved was in it for the love of their com­munity and abso­lute faith and ded­ic­a­tion in mak­ing Feast hap­pen.

You just couldn’t help, but be inspired by that!

For example Lucy had man­aged to get a new look flyer designed and prin­ted advert­ising Feast sponsored by Wink­worths. Dur­ing the meet­ing every­one volun­teered to help dis­trib­ute them at train sta­tions. flyer.pdf

Then I found myself volun­teer­ing to write this blog post. (ha,ha)
So here I am again get­ting organ­ised for my stall at Feast on Sunday.
Known as ” JUST FOR YOU ZINE is also my hobby in self-pub­lic­a­tion pro­ject.
I was inspired by my friend Sarah who is an artist. She is extremely tal­en­ted yet shy. She makes beau­ti­ful pho­to­graph­ic and tex­tile work inspired by vin­tage imagery and eph­em­era. All this work is made and dis­played in a bur­eau in her bed­room but never gets seen.
So I wanted to make a zine about people I knew like her but also put togeth­er with people who were also tal­en­ted in other ways.

The zine was simple in format whereby I inter­viewed 10 people with 10 ques­tions and made 10 cop­ies to sell at zine fairs not for profit but just for you!
For those who don’t know any­thing about zines look at:
Thus, the mar­ket stall encom­passed this concept. Whereby I invited the people I knew, to sell their wares there.

For example I will be selling ori­gin­al prints by my friend Aman­da Smith who is cur­rently work­ing on illus­tra­tions for a children’s book she is writ­ing fea­tur­ing her two daugh­ters.
place photo of aman­da smith print here*delete
I also have a selec­tion of ori­gin­al por­trait paint­ings by artist Anna Siemaszko.
Sarah Holt who I men­tioned was my inspir­a­tion will have some hand­made purses made from vin­tage and hand prin­ted fab­ric.
At July Artis­an mar­ket I invited Flat­foot Johnny to sell and play his hand­craf­ted ban­jos at my stall and he has con­firmed he will make an appear­ance again!

I will be selling hand­made jew­ellery and accessor­ies by design­er Helen Stay craf­ted from sourced, recycled fab­rics and mater­i­als. I have pur­chased a cool neck­lace from her col­lec­tion myself and will be wear­ing it on the day.

As anoth­er extra at August Feast I will be set­ting up a table by my stall to make bunt­ing for the Feast organ­isers. Every­one is wel­come to make bunt­ing, bring your own mater­i­als or use whats avail­able on the day. There will be a great “Bun-ting Off” at Feast HQ in Food Fair!
Yes and of course I will be jive dan­cing in Retro Vil­lage at 2pm with the other dia­mond jivers.
So come join us at Feast on Sunday. Wheth­er you are com­ing for the deli­cious food, beau­ti­ful art­work, vin­tage fash­ion, a pot­ted plant or a bit of a jive. There is so much to exper­i­ence and gain either as a vis­it­or or as a volun­teer. Enjoy the Feast!

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