Plants Glorious Plants

Has any­one noticed the plants nestled under the road­side trees on our car laden high street? You know the thing — small, brightly col­oured, occa­sionly per­fumed and loc­ated about foot height?

They are little nug­gets of joy scattered along our high street and were con­cieved at our very first West Nor­wood Feast back in April by the enig­mat­ic Guer­illa Garden­er Richard Reyn­olds He pulled up in his MG, soil and seeds and a mate in tow, and with­in a blink of an eye the dreary, dead look­ing tree beds down by the Garden­ing mar­ket had been turned into liv­ing soil beds of new life. It felt like magic, and people seemed to dance wildly in the April wind to the giddy tune of new life. No, ser­i­ously.

This week­end (2nd Octo­ber) we — the Garden­ing Hub gang — are going to be nutur­ing these spe­cial beds and ensur­ing that they are fully equipped for the colder months ahead. We are going to begin at 2pm and wel­come any­one or any­thing — water­ing cans, water, shovels, hands, soil, jokes, dan­cing, sports cars — wish­ing to add to the occa­sion of the nutur­ing of these spe­cial plants.

Until Sunday !

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